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Posted:Heya Chaps/Chapesses,

We (FlameOz) will be performing at the Rotterdam Street Theatre Festival from Fri 20th Aug to Sun 22nd).

I was wondering if there was any HoP peeps wot would like to come over and:
a) see our show: possibly the only chance for a while (unles syou'd like to come on tour with us:D)
b) see many other fantastic and exciting shows
c) smoke copious amounts of dope...not that that would change the smoking habits of many I know, but the novelty is always.....novel.
Jus' a thought.... smile

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Posted:ll be there...





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Posted:I will be there as well. Wanted to go on a little trip to the dutch beach anyway.... weavesmiley

Trume nicht Dein Leben, lebe Deinen Traum.
- Dont dream your live, live it.


.:* Moon Pixie *:.

.:* Moon Pixie *:.

Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:Ohhhhhhhhh can I come! wink My birthday is that Sunday biggrin.... though unless someone gives me a really good push...I don't think these feeble little fairy wings will cary me that far frown

Have some fun and a birthday boogie for me too Dave biggrin beerchug biggrin

*:...one day all the fairy fridges will be aligned and my pixie world will be complete...:*


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april fool
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Posted:I'll be there!!
Are you going to do workshops as well?
See you there!!


werner of infire

werner of infire

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Posted:hi dave & flame oz crew,
hope you have a good time there ubbloco. i guess this weekend i will go to slovenia for the juggling convention.
fiery greetings


Posted:Hey hey... just about to drive out of the Dam now... weather permitting this will be a great festival.
FlamOz will be ending the late night pitch (pitch #1) Friday and Saturday nights...as well as another show per night earlier on...
Carobananas - no scheduled workshops, but if you find me....


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