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Posted:Okay, i know it is always tricky, and rarely happy... but i think i have to do it in about 2 hours when i finish work, and i just don't have a clue what to say.
Its not like he did anything really wrong... i just don't feel the rush that i need to in a relationship. I don't really form relationships and this one has reminded me why... all of the obligations with hardly any of the love that would make it shine. I think we both need to be released so we can move on to the next experience and lesson. But lots of mutual friends etc that i met him through, and i will still see him and... eugh
I hate the thought that i will be causing someone else, at the very least, discomfort hug confused frown
So i guess i am going to say almost exactly what i have just written, but if anyone has any stories or personal experience to make up for my lack of it i would really appreciate it.

Hugs to you all, looper

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Posted:be honest. but dont be cruel.
my only personal experience thing is to not do it as a spur of the moment thing (however by your post i doubt you'd be doing that!). i broke up with a guy out of sheer (rowing induced) stress, then regretted it later and shyness (mixed with pride and general stupidity) made me not follow it back up.

goodluck with it. hug


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Posted:erm just don't do it over the phone or via skywriting.

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Posted:you could make him feel better by saying he was really good in bed (whether its true or not doesn't matter)



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Posted:Just be honest, whether he likes it or not starting with a lie never helps, of course you can omit some truths, that aint so bad.

Good luck looper

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Posted:There is no soft way to break the news. Sorry. hug

-Mike )'(
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