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FireNixFireNixBRONZE Member
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Hi there Peeps
I know that there has been a thread for this before, but as I havent seen anything on this for a while and as its tomorrow - i thought I'd post again to see who's going? and where we may try to meet. Anyone wanting to Pm me with their mobile number will get mine back.
Alos is there anything planned for afterwards - Party, gatherings, mayhem? I seem to remember them being abit funny about Fire there, so someplace to have a group burn would be great.
I wont be having a Juggling Stall there this year - just going as a punter to have some fun - but will have planty of toys in the van,.... so if anyone wants!! get in touch
Hope to see some people there
Peace out 2 all

Feel the Flame

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Dunno if you'll read this before you leave but I'm pretty sure I know about a party afterwards... won't be sure til the fair ends though!
I'll text you in a bit anyhoo so you have my number and blah blah blah
... I'm just leaving now so I doubt you'll read this teehee.
I should have kimono poi if you see red, blue and yellow tails flying around it may be me. (Flying around in bad formation!)

Monkeys monkeys and bananas

griffingriffinfeminine tiddly pom
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ahhhhh my god!! i was wondering if there was any odds that anyone here would be going yer yer yer i live in cams and am definitely going (in about 1 hour)
wow i am v happy that its just recognised hope to see anyone spinning there-any fire tonight??

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