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Posted:hey fellow poiers,

Havnt posted for awhile but heres the crappy situation i find myself in. I have recently left my home because the owners could no longer afford and so they had to sell it.

My mother has decided a pregnant girl who is hormonal is more trouble than her junked up son who is almost 30 and about to go to back to jail. So I have been unwelcomed there.

My father has just been married for the second time and has a spare house and wont be selling it for atlest another 6mths but has not offered for me to stay there while i get on my feet. And I am lucky to hear from him once every two weeks.

The father and the love of my life until the pregnancy began was invited up to QLD for a week for a friends birthday and know he has decided to stay up there and work and maybe come back.

My sister has been wonderful and has offered me a place to live but as we all know the friendships grow thin when you live with someone and I have already lost quite a few people i loved I do not want to lose any more over petty arguments.

I am not asking for anyones help but am trying to come to grips with the whole concept of the situation i find myself in and if anyone had any thoughts on the topic.

I will soon find a flat mate and go and live in a caravan park. The most i can say is this is not how i pictured it in my innocent days.

Almost burnt out but still going! weavesmiley

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Posted:biggrin me too

Congratulations to you honey... to the both of you hug

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Posted:congratulations !
your rock
love to you both

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love rules!
<smiles happily and does a happy little love dance for you>

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