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Posted:ok, I'm SO incredibly bored right now because my dickwad of a friend made alternate plans on me tonight when we were supposed to do something! I told him I'd be at his place to pick him up, no later then 8 o clock, it was about 7:30 when i got there, and as I walked up to his door, somone in a car pulled up into his driveway, and dylan ran out the door and got into the car without giving me a second glance! what a dick!
so now, I'm stuck at home, because all my other friends are either A) with their girlfriend... one of which I don't have at this point... or B) at the Drama12 production....
and thus... i'm stuck here with you guys... not that that's a bad thing.

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Posted:We could plan our wedding... ubblol

*digging around in backpack*

Game of Hearts? We need two more!

(Watch out, I rule at this game!) cool

-Mike )'(
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How do you play hearts?? confused

I could play if i knew how?? I'm sure i'd loose tho, but thats okay, i'm a good looser! wink

I smile because i have no idea whats going on!! biggrin


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Posted:grrrrrr. friends make me so mad mad we were supposed to be going shopping in brighton today, it wasn't untill i switched my phone on like a second before i was about to leave for the station i got a text saying 'hi aimz its rach. ashton isnt comming and i can't get through to jo. i can't be botherd to go with just you' reeeeeealy fuckin' nice rach




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Posted:my friends use me for my curling irons

in state of metamorphosis


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Posted:thankfuly i dont have any use for curling irons, my hair generally looks like its exploded(in a good way)(i guess) id complain about the same thing, but ive prettty much just changed plans on someone myself, sorry Trill, when your bored i suggest that you go trekking through Nepal, saw a Globe Trekker episode on that once, looked amazing

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Posted:i am so bored (at work on a saturday) that im Making Poi out of my shoelaces and some packs of chewing gum.
gonna work on my waist wrap. need to tighten up the planes a bit

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Posted:Teehee have fun smit...
Some of my friends haven't talked to me since college broke up and we had planned to go to strawberry fair but hell, I've persuaded other peeps to go now and I'll have fun either way. I'll just twat the first people mentioned round the heads when I see them. biggrin biggrin

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Posted:i was supposed to go see dr. alex patterson (mr orb) last night with my friend. he couldnt go..grandmother to see or whatnot.

so i went by myself.

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They shouldn't do that no no no


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