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Posted:Back yard?:P
Outside in parks?
on the streets?
in parties?
in clubs?
what do you prefere?

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Posted:you know, i honestly haven't tried the beach yet. odd....

in denver there's a bunch of us who spin at this park on the river. it's quite gorgeous and not so public (although there are loads of people who are aware of the event and come down to watch and play drums)

i think it's my favorite place out of all the places i have spun. i think i'd like to sneak onto the golf course by my parents house and spin there one time though. and i still want to spin in the graveyard by my house.

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Posted:I'd have to say that the park in the city we spin at is great, but thats mainly cos there is lots of other peeps there to spin with.

Based entirely on the location merits, i would have to say my backyard, cos its so close. Other than that, spinning at uni is quite humorous, because you can freak professors out smile And that happens fairly regularly, too. Only problem is, now all my books smell like kero.

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Posted:Well I only get to twirl when I go camping, which sucks, but oh well.

when I get advance upto Fire Poi, I hope to twirl on the beach, I've seen it done once, unfortunatly before I had the bug, but there was this guy on staff and it looked amazing, the fire was reflecting off the ocean, off the sand and it looked absolutely amazing...

All I can say to my fave places of where I have twirled, is the last camp I was on coz there were a few really good twirlers and it was the first time I tried any kind of twirling when it was lit bounce


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