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Posted:now i've only encountered a couple of them but they piss me off! And poi ppl who have little regard for the ppl around them!

Now i know non poi ppl are like flies to a lightbulb esp when not in a right state of mind but having some basic awareness is a must if ya gunna do poi in a club!!!

Me personally are really conscious of hitting ppl with my poi and have to move alot often hitting myslef just to avoid some dimwit who can;t hold his drink!

But really even if i was completely toasted i don;t think i could miss two big beaming lights travelling at a high velocity (Beaming Poi)!

Oh well thats the end of my rant!!

Beamers Hurt but double Beamers r u insane???Well actually...yes i am!

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Posted:U'd b suprised! at Global gathering last year we spent a full hour havin a giggle as we watched person after person walking directly into the line of fire completely oblivious! I felt sorry for the spinners bein interupted every 5 seconds by the lemmings.
Fair enuff if theyre practice poi but two flaming balls aren't hard to spot hehe Hope i don't sound arrogant too i've done it meself its just funny when u watch and see time after time people make the same mistake, each time hearing everyone else go "oooooooh" at the near misses hehe. Blame it on peoples altered states i guess!


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Posted:Hey Newborn, not seen you in a while. How've you been? Are you coming to London on the 18th?

Most people that I spin with and/near are very conciderate about others. But there was one guy at Zogg who just didn't care who he hit and seemed to find it hysterical that his strings kept getting entwined with other peoples.

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Posted:does nearly taking off judge jule's head count as being arogant poier? it was fun to me as he is a complete wanker to say the least.
that was my last memorable poi moment. He would have probably sued me if i had of hit him. damn shame, i'd have liked to see the outcome either way would have been worth everypenny.
But gemerally i am very awear of my surroundings in a club spinning. I find most people are the same with poier's unlike the randon assholes, that sit there for half hour watching you and getting up every so often and walk so close to you and once to often that you decide to hit them. thicko's.


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Posted:Yo c@ntus i shall hopefully be there In London on the 18th!
Yeah there was this muppet @ the storm 2nd Bday party who was arrogant to fcuk and when i showed my stuff with her glowstick poi she said get your bloody own basicallly!!
i was even trying to show off coz thats just not my thang but she did piss me off!
c u guys in london if your there bye!

Beamers Hurt but double Beamers r u insane???Well actually...yes i am!


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