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Posted:Hello once again.
Im just starting out with a staff, and Im having troubles with Bec's starting moves.
First off the first move is 360 degree rotation, ok i do this alright but if I turn counter-clockwise then the left hand is having troubles doing the 360 turn. I need to slid it between the index finger and thumb or what?
As for bec's second move, everytime I try to pass the staff behind my back I either end up changing the direction of the spin, or I have to stop the fluent motion of the spinning somewhere between my front and my back and change the direction cause I cant turn my hand so much. In the pictures it looks as if she is doing a turn and a half and not only one turn.
the picture is very hard to understand. How can I pass the staff from my front to my back? Can someone help?

Thanks alot!!!!! biggrin

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Posted:are you talking about the lessons on this site?


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Posted:yea im talking on the lessons on this site. The first ones.


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