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Posted:Do we need license to do Fire? This gut I know rekons I do, but the only license I know of is street busking. Any one else got any ideas on this?

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Posted:try doing a search, it sounds like the sort of thing that'll have been covered before. May depend on your location.

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Posted:Last night the police came down to the river while we were spinning fire and it wasn't until we told them that we had public liability insurance that they left us alone. I think we probably could have got away with it though - they didn't look that bothered by the whole thing. Can't really be any more help, sorry.

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Posted:in Notts we often get the police down to our spins. and the council, and sometimes paramedics. when i go over to their cars to ask them if we're dong anything wrong they say something like 'yes, you just stopped'... back home in Surrey though we're always getting snobby types phonng the police who then have to move us on cos they haven't got all the crackheads to chase that they have in notts. rolleyes

if you were to spin fire in a town centre though i'd suggest getting a buskers licence...

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Posted:here in Brisbane (OZ).. (which is very far from you so probably is of little or no help)..there is no specific ruling on fire performance.. but there are by-laws that say that any naked flame must be contained in a designated area (eg BBQ).. so technically that may count...
there are usually exceptions for theatrical purposes.. but they haven't quite got around to regulating it for recreational fire spinning....

It is very rare to have a problem with it with the authorities here as long as it is all obviously being done safely...


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Posted:g'day guys...
i know that in tassie we get away with having a buskers licence because *technically* we don't come under any legislation or ANYONE'S juristiction...*(sp?)
ha ha ha...*sigh.* weird little beuracrats...

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