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Posted:there may already be a post about this but i couldn't find it so apologies if i'm recovering old ground here...

did anyone in the UK see Newsround two nights ago? they were discussing how government initiatives and leisure centres were turning to circus skills to encourage people (mainly kids) to keep fit. that's damn cool. it's one of the reasons i love it so much myself considering i find circuit/gym exercise boring as hell. i was just wondering if we're gonna see an entire generation of mini circus kids spawned by this kinda thing. or how long it is before poi is done en mass to banging Psy trance in rooms leisure centres in a similar way to how aerobics is already. to be fair that's how a lot of us meet anyway. feel free to discuss! smile

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Posted:Funny I was thinking about this the other day cause I've been playing poi a bit for the first time is a while and was stiff the next day.

I think it's great if that's the way it goes. I don't think poi is as taxing as some other things like club swinging, double staff or meteor though. Double staff especially is bloody tiring.

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Posted:Heh heh, it's also a great aid in obtaining Govenment funding for poi nights biggrin

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Posted:yeah i'm a LOT fitter since i started poi... i'm not so frequent as i was last year and i can feel unfit ness creeping back... I became more flexible and me arms were more toned...

i like this [censored]

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Posted:I am working on setting up one of these around here. A circus arts camp for kids during the vacations for school next year.
Big Apple circus has been doing it with inner city kids for years with much success.
Cirque Du Soliel has a program as well, called Cirque Du Monde (or something similar).

It not only teaches fitness but also self-confidence, hand-eye co-ordination, etc...:D

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Posted:While I was living in Ashland OR last summer, there was a Circus summer camp for kids!! They where learnning all sorts, from juggling to trapies!! I wanted to join but it was a bit expencive! frown

Great Idea though! The next Generation of Poi/Staff spinners will be amazing!


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Posted:i'm working on a childhood obesity prevention project at univeristy at the moment...i think having a go at the skills related to spinning (whether it be poi / staff / otherwise) is a great idea!....not only does it aid coordination (as someone luvly person above me posted)..but it also gives kids the chance to get involved in a form of physical activity that is not necesarily competitive or sport-related....which i think is wikkid cause not everyone is into normal team sports etc...

i was invovled in their last holiday programme....taugtht some kids some basic sock spinning...was soooo much fun and they LOVED it!

spinning is lots of fun and a great alternative to tv or computers games or woteva (although im sure i'm preaching to the converted here...but anyways....hehe)