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Posted:very good idea. Malcolm?

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Posted:Chat IRC

Is that what you mean?

Maybe I should make the link on the top of each page.

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Posted:That would be good. I've been unable to check for two days, and I come back now to over two pages of new topics. I've been here for an hour already...not even out of the social section yet.

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Posted:I think Irc chat might be too complicated for some people and they may not want to download a whole new program to chat. Maybe we should get a java based chatroom to see how the reaction is. That way all you need to do is click a button a viola, your logged in and chatting.



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Posted:java-based would definatly be a good idea, along side the message boards. the alternate is to go through somethimg like the yahoo groups thing, but in truth the message boards are more covieniant then that (sorry just realised how unhelpfull that was, my bad). if you come up with anything let us know

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