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How do you change this thing???
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Posted:I just HAD to tell you all... for some reason...

I'm just finished my jumping around going woohoowoohoo... I just did a one handed butterfly... with my socks...

I can't hear you... I have a banana in my ear.

"You mean I'll have to use my brain?... but I use staff!!!" ~ ben-ja-men

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Posted:yay for you!!! I havn't even tried that move yet.... it's not comprehensible yet

*runs over estatically and hugs arsn*

but i'm happy for you!

Keep your dream alive
Dreamin is still how the strong survive

Shalom VeAhavah

New Hampshire has a point....

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Posted:Hurts less than trying it with 4-Kilo boots

-Dont try this at home
go to your friends house, they dont care

I am the Eternal Spectator. I decide what i watch.

still can't believe it's not butter
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Posted:/wonders if socktwirling is more carcinogenic than firebreathing...

Laugh Often, Smile Much, Post lolcats Always

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Posted:we should start a whole new type of twirling.. "socktwirling!!!"

Imagine the possibilities!!!

[ 08 May 2002, 01:14: Message edited by: sarah... ]

Fire... A bushmans telly

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Posted:I'm possibly going to get very disstracted, cleaning up when doing washin

Trying to play the Akashic records,
but my turntables not compatible.