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Got a few people at Warwick uni into firetoys and we're trying to get a society sorted for next year. The Students Union is being difficult about insurance, just wondering how other Uni societies managed to sort out insurance problems. Any advice very greatfully recieved smile


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Posted:you'd be lucky.

Having been on the union council 2 years previous and watched many far less dangerous things disallowed I didn't even bother asking



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Posted:ok the Edinburgh University Juggling Society just "doesn't" do fire... on a monday night around 10 in the meadows....

thats how ours got around it....

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Posted:just dont bother making it a uni based uni associated thingy
do it somewhere else with all your uni mates.
that should
A. get you your spin
B. uni cant object to it and all your uni mates can still come

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Posted:erm... aparently i'm gonna be 'Safety Dave' (why dave? i don't know) for the Notts Uni juggle soc next year. smile

this means that when we use fire officially (which is once in a blue moon) i have to give everyone a fire safety talk first. this involves how to use equiptment properly as well as telling people to bring suitable clothes and what to do if anything goes wrong.
when we do fire practices we mark out an area with red/white tape which you are only allowed to enter when using equiptment. in one corner we have the parrafin, in another corner we have the toys, another corner is for shaking off and the final corner is for lighting. by the toys we keep a fire blanket and fire extinguisher suitable for persons. it may even be worth getting people to sign something to say they've had the safety talk and know procedure before they participate.

that's the official plan anyway. alternatively original smit and myself have set up our own fire toys group in town which meets every week and does it's own thing... devil

PM me if you want any more info and i'll try an help. biggrin

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