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Posted:The weather forecast is good for this wednesday night.

My friend has requested me to pass on the message that he is organising a heap of people and a sound system to be present on South Perth foreshore this wednesday night at 7:30pm for a firedancing gathering.

If you park at the end of Coode st in South Perth on the river, we will be 100m off the car park under the Australian flag.

Everyone and anyone is invited to join the party, pass the message on folks!

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See ya there Byron! ubbrollsmile

The last couple have been heaps of fun, so hears to the rain doing as it should and letting us twirl in peace biggrin

I smile because i have no idea whats going on!! biggrin



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Posted:i'm in liike flynn! been spreading the good word as much as possible. 'ave a good one and see ya there!

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Posted:I was hoping to come tonight but unfortunately due to much lack of sleep (a week of next to no sleep) I am going to have to pass this time round.

I am so disapointed in myself. ooooops

Have extra fun to make up for tha lack of on my behalf!


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