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KaliBRONZE Member
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Location: Berlin, Germany

Hey everyone,
I'm going to be traveling through Europe for the summer in about two and a half weeks. I want to bring my fire stuff with me and was already planning on just checking it at the airport so I don't a full body cavity search or something after all the security changes since 9/11. The main thing I was wandering about is what the rules and regs are in Europe. I'll be on the trains there and have no idea what to expect as I've never done this before. I don't know if security there has gone up to since all this madness. Any tips would be much appreciated.

Thanks a lot.

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CassandraFroggie ... Ribbit !!!
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Hi Kali !
Great to know you'll be in Europe soon, hope to meet you somewhere Keep the European Juggling Convention in Mind (8/16th august in Bremen, germany, there is thread about it in the events section) soooo many of us will be there

As for travelling with fire toys, this has been discussed several times since 9/11, please do a search and you'll find all the info you need

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