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Big Andy
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Posted:I finally recieved some connectors I had been waiting for in the mail.... sort of...

I actually recieved a USPS envelope which said "Sorry for damaging you package" on the outside, and inside, just a torn, empty envelope.

There's 4 dollars down the drain. angry

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Posted:Bummer dude!

however, the fault may be more in how it was packaged rather than what the USPS did to it. Did you try contacting the people you purchased it from? with the proper evidence and the right customer service attitude, you may be able to ge them to send you another box of connectors.

When I lived in the states, I used to complain about the USPS service all the time. But after living in other countries, I realized that the USPS is one of the most efficient postal services in the world. It just doesn't get much faster or more reliable than it does there. For all the reputation Germans have at efficiency in such things and despite having a smaller county to serve, the Deutsche Post still can't live up to the USPS. And in South Africa... well, you were lucky if you got any package sent to you at all (half the time some postal employee would decide the package was meant for him). And if you sent a letter from Potchefstroom (where I lived) to Jo'berg (an hour's drive away), it would typically take 10 days to 2 weeks to arrive. And about 20% of the letters I sent overseas never got where they were going. I was told this was because if a postal employee needs postage, he will often find a letter that hasn't been cancelled yet, tear off the stamps to use for himself and then throw the letter away.

But anyway, I doubt that makes you feel any better about your connectors, so rant on...


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Posted:It could be worse..........

you could have to put up with the UK's postal "service" (in the loosest possible sense of the word)

They admit to losing 14 million letters a year!!!! eek

makes me wonder how many they lose and don't admit it!!

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makes me wonder how many they lose and don't admit it!!