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Posted:I have a question, is iraq more or less a haven or breeding ground for terrorists?

I see no reason to believe Al Qaeda and Saddam aren't enemies. Ive seen no evidence what so ever to suggest there is a connection between the two, and it seems highly unlikely saddam would ally himself with Al Qaeda. Amongst the list of Al Qaedas enemies are socialist non-secular arab governments, Much like pre-invasion iraq had established with saddam as dictator. Saddam was ruthless enough that I doubt terrorists would choose iraq as a haven. There are much better nations in in the middle east, I think if terrorists were there, it was probably to oppose saddam.

Now in todays iraq we have no government, and the only authority is a bunch of soldiers who many of which don't want to be there. They are more concerned with protecting themselves then policeing the nation hunting for terrorists. And frankly the place is in way to much chaos to investigate anything. Many iraqi's want saddam back, and many more don't want him back but are willing to kill or die trying to get rid of americas presence. The youth of iraq are the most dangerous. They are pissed off and have impressionable minds. Many of them were orphaned in the invasion, and Al Qaeda vultures are preying on them trying to recruit them as terrorists everyday. I don't think they would have this opportunity before we invaded. I think we have created a haven and a breeding ground for terrorists. Who's going to stop the Al Qaeda from recruting? the soldiers who are to scared to leave their bases because everytime they are ordered out they got bombed and shot at?

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Posted:keep going tho smile

Heres an interesting story from the HeraldSun newspaper: Iran may have duped US into war. The plot thickens. Any comments?

Extract: Quote:
Iran may have duped US into war
From correspondents in London, 25may04

US officials suspect Iran duped the US into invading Iraq by slipping bogus intelligence to Ahmed Chalabi's Iraqi National Congress (INC), The Guardian newspaper reported today.

"Some intelligence officials now believe that Iran used the hawks in the Pentagon and the White House to get rid of a hostile neighbour and pave the way for a Shia-ruled Iraq," it said in a front-page dispatch from Washington. Quoting a US intelligence official, whom it did not name, The Guardian said......

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Posted:yep please keep going, i did not in any way mean for this debate to stop.....

off to read the grauniad.

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