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Posted:since i learned poi, i would spin anything that can be spun... like grocery bags, keys, towel, whatever... and i'm sure this is the case for most of you wink
we're always wondering "hey, can i spin this?" and usually... yes, we can.. anything with a little weight on it!
anyway... today i was in a pet shop and saw these toys for dogs. there were balls and stars and squares on these ropes and they are perfect for poi!!! so i recommend that you go to a the toy section at your local pet store and check it out... some of them don't have strings or ropes, but are still really cool if you put them on a shoe lace or something.
anybody else has ideas for things to spin? weavesmiley

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Originally posted by erikaMish

anyway... today i was in a pet shop....

I was afraid to keep reading, not knowing what items she was referring to at the pet shop.



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I was afraid to keep reading, not knowing what items she was refering to at the pet shop


Sorry, I couldn't help but post this.

Room to swing a cat

Meaning: A confined space.

Example: This bedroom doesn't even have enough room to swing a cat.

Origin: This colorful phrase evokes strange images of feline cruelty. In fact it has nothing to do with cats, but the real story is at least as cruel.

The "cat" is a cat-of-nine-tails, a type of whip used to discipline sailors on old sailing ships. The cat-of-nine-tails has one handle to which is attached nine thin strips of leather, each perhaps three feet long. The cat-of-nine-tails would be used to administer lashings that would sting and leave welts on the recipient.

The whippings would take place on the deck, because below deck there was not enough ceiling height to swing a cat-of-nine-tails.

Interestingly, the Disney cartoon character Mickey Mouse once gave a graphic illustration with some comic relief to this phrase. In the 1920's "Steamboat Willie" was release as Mickey Mouse's first cartoon. There is a scene in the cartoon in which Mickey is on a boat. He proceeds to pick up a cat and swing it around by the tail. Apparently this particular boat had enough room to swing a cat.

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Posted:I prefer what it sounds like over the real meaning smile

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My son is toilet training, so rinsing out clothes comes with the territory.

Fortunately, a couple of days ago, I'd bought him some shoes made of material similar to wetsuit material, which have toggled loops on their backs.

So today, a quick spin ensured the excess water fell off, ready for the shoes to be dried in the sun cool

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Originally posted by erikaMish
anyway... today i was in a pet shop....

I was afraid to keep reading, not knowing what items she was referring to at the pet shop.



O o i got one POI CARP! he he he ahhhh ubblol

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Posted:I take it then that you didn't see this thread on the old board.....

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