Posted:so i have just bought myself a new pair of pois, but they have handles with double fingerholes. up until now my pois had only one hole, and i let the entire thing rotate around my finger. (is this wrong?) using this method i taught myself most of the basic moves, including the weave, but now, with the double hole handles i am finding it difficult to do anything. does it matter if the entire handle moves around your finger (i still use my wrists to control everything), or are the handles supposed to stay static on your fingers?thanks....

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Posted:Hi Jessicle! Yep, generally the handles keep static, if only for safety! (Flying firechains can be scary!) But who am i to critisise!! if you can get as much control doing it your way and you find you can do all the tricks without putting poi into orbit, then go for it!! I personally love the amount of control you have with two finger holes, but it opens a whole debate, there have been threads on this b4!! Perhaps its a matter of personal preferance, however, speaking from my humble experience, i've been using two-hole-loop-handles for 2 and a half years and not only does it not stop me from doing the hardest tricks (its lack of agility and practice that do that
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)but also i find i dont get blisters after a really long performance. whatever you decide, enjoy, and take your time, keep on swingin! bobroB)



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Posted:hiya jessicle - from my limited experience people who let the handles rotate around their fingers don't use their wrists as much as they should be - usually they don't 'follow through' all the way round with their wrists... as a safety measure too i would say don't let the handle rotate round your finger (as bobrob pointed out) - the twin finger loops are great by the way...
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enjoy your new set!
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happy swinging,Simos