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Location: Staffordshire, England
Member Since: 22nd Mar 2004
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Posted:As you all may know It'd Mech's birthday on 20th May, just bought his prezzie, if you wanna know what it is pm me...but dont tell him footinmouth

O by the way...I aint posted for like ages but I'm back baby!

Hi Mech...you dont know what I bought you ubbloco. he he

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Location: The Middle lands
Member Since: 19th Aug 2003
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Posted:Hippy Buffdy Mech hug Hope you have fun tonight!!

Do you like your pressies??

Let's relight this forum ubblove

Location: middle of Troon
Member Since: 22nd Jan 2004
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Posted:hippo birdie doe ewe
hippo birdie doe ewe
hippo birdie doe meh-eck
hippo biiiiidieeeeee doooooooooooooooooe eeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwe

cards not quite in the post... rolleyes cos i'm a stupid head....

random murbles

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Posted:bounce bounce2 bounce bounce2 bounce bounce2


Hope you have a fab 21st.....see you soon!

hug ubbrollsmile hug

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Location: London
Member Since: 1st Dec 2001
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Posted:Happy birthday sunshine biggrin

hug ubbrollsmile kiss

See you in a few weeks honey


A kiss blown is a kiss wasted, the only kind of kiss is a kiss tasted.

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Carpal \'Tunnel
Location: "In your ear"
Member Since: 9th Jun 2003
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Posted:thankies to you all guys, you have made my day lots better!

i was woken up by my renats a 7 am eek this monring for cards and joy...... biggrin


Step (el-nombrie)


big and good and broken
Location: lunn dunn, yoo kay
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giant tea and biccies for the birthday boy:

Non-Https Image Link

Non-Https Image Link

biggrin hug2 biggrin

p.s. is it true that you have to be under 21 to thwap or should i still be careful of my eyes around you?

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i come to 'dis cafe quite a lot myself.
they do porridge."
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Carpal \'Tunnel
Location: "In your ear"
Member Since: 9th Jun 2003
Total posts: 6207
Posted:HOW COOL!

not only do i get giant tea, and giant biccies, i also get

wotsits in a mug, a giant mug and i get old ppl and chinease ppl! offical looking chinease ppl to!


happy days cheers cole! biggrin

Step (el-nombrie)


Carpal \'Tunnel
Location: Perth
Member Since: 31st Mar 2003
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Posted:Happy Birthday Mech.. hug hug hug

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Member Since: 10th Jan 2003
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Posted:happy birthday darling! i left you a birthday greeting in your intro thread, but i'll leave you a few of these here too

hug hug hug hug

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Location: Brisbane
Member Since: 9th Apr 2003
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Posted:congratulations on reach the grande age of 21. the age of maturity, wisdom, and commonsense.....


happy birthday mate!

be cool! cool hug hug hug

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