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Posted:Been practicing this move recently and it looks quite good when it works, though the poi have an annoying tendancy to hit each other behind my head. So far my best with this was three beats behind my head then returning it to the front......sadly no had a camera to capture this and I haven't been able to do it again frown I can change hands and can sometimes do the behind the head with my off hand, but I need a bit of practice to get it all looking fluid.

Was wondering if anyone else has been doing this kind of stuff, and if they have any suggestions for other one handed moves.

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Posted:OneWheelDave is the man to talk to...

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Posted:one handed butterflies go everywhere.. the trick is getting two onehanded butterflies.. (by having someone pass you one.. then you can do seperated stuff, like one back and forthe in front whiel the other behind one over head and one utl and so forth.. kinda fun actually.. but very restricted I think...

edit: just had a thought.. if I did opposite time then perhaps I could get in and out of all the crosser positions.. ubbidea hmm... might have to try that some time..

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Posted:I do this all the time. Learn to do split time so you can turn with them or put them behind your back easily.


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Posted:Now for my second post, which dovetails nicely with my first because after trying the part of the albatross where you go from a butterfly to a reverse butterfly I found that by taking both of my hands out of the double loop handles that i spin with, and just holding on to the handles rather than just taking one handle off my hand while leaving the other in the loops made a HUGE difference in my one handed butterfly abilities. I can now do over the head easily but I never thought of splitting the time and turning, I'll practice it tomorrow though, For what it's worth, that's the best tip I have, and I wish I'd known this months ago



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Posted:dont forget to rotate your wrist as you go through the butterfly motion, if you dont get this right then walking around and turning is gonna be a bit tricky. in the end doing two butterflies is about footwork, you dont really need to get someone to pass the extra poi to you. you guys should figure out how to get four going in one movement, its hard but its fun, and also necessary, as how are you gonna control them when they are moving if you cant get them started on your own? how are you going to practise by yourself?
4 poi arent limiting in regards to the amount of moves that you can do, but they are limiting in how hard they are to do. unlike one poi in each hand i reckon with four poi there is a bit more of a progression of moves and variations of footwork to be accomplished before we can get the more complex moves.

i posted the first four basic two onehanded butterfly moves AGES ago (and how to get them started), do a search or something for them. just try them and if you can understand and get them to work then good on ya. there is a few more like weaves and split time moves, but these basicis will teach you about turning and the like.

its good to see people are pushing a bit harder than they were the last time i was here

man, you guys gotta keep up...

no, i think i'll just get over myself a little bit now biggrin

seriously though, the only thing that will help in the end is perserverence in practising the right things, its gonna be painful and take time and heaps of strength and flexibility. i think its because its so hard to do four that people dont keep at it and this is a shame because its really cool!!!!

very worthwhile pursuit, all this poi business. i whish i wasnt so lazy these days smile



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Posted:Aw damn.... now you have all given me new stuff to try weavesmiley biggrin

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