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Posted:ive heard people on this forum talk about ribbons... but does anyone actually have any ideas on how to make them on fire!! i thik this would look AWESOME! i am semi-skilled in the area of ribbons, yet i want them to be on fire! ive thought about thin chain rtied with paper rope or wick... or even just paper rope... anyone else for any ideas??

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Posted:go back to the other ribbon thread pet :P

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Posted:paper rope is almost completely unsuitable for moving fast, it disintegrates into very large chunks and flies off after a while, which is not good. Plus it has small wires in it to give it strength, so it wouldn't whip right probably and it would leave nearly invisible hot metal twirling around... Not my idea of safe...

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Posted:I've thought about this a lot. I think to do it you would need some kind of inflammable material to begin with. As it would be REALLY dangerous to have the whole thing on fire, you'd only be able to light the last few metres. I was thinking that a few meters of kevlar wick adhered (somehow) to the top half of a standard (but inflammable) ribbon. I dunno quite how it would work, but I'm giving it a go very soon!

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