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Before i begin i would just like to say that this may sound quite disrespectful for Roman Catholics and possibly Christians

After reading the 2nd of Christopher Knight's and Robert Lomas' books i am in total shock. (the Second Messiah).
The men are two Freemasons who want to find out the beginning of Freemasonary - and whilst doing so (in their first book the Hiram Key) they discover a lot more about our history.

They discovered that in Jerusalem James (Jesus' brother) was the founder of the church of Jerusalem not Paul. They go on to say that when in AD 70 the Roman's took over Jerusalem the priests of the church hid items underneath the temple. Then to preserve the Davidic line fled to France. They called themselves the Rex Deus and each father told his chosen son about what really happened.

Jumping forward to the middle ages some Rex Deus members got together and planned to get the scrolls and treasure hidden under the temple. They were all nobility in France (they went along with the countries religion to not cause problems). They used their influence on the pope and king and eventually formed the Knights Templar.

They suceeded in getting the scrolls and such. And went on to teach their members about the truth that Jesus wasn't a son of god just a messiah, and about the history of Jerusalem and such. Eventually the King of france needed a lot of money and set the Templars up and killed their leader (Moyans) and he became their second messiah.

Anyway to what i find the most interesting the Rex Deus lived on and the remaining Templars that fled or survived the destuction by the Catholic church went on to bury these scrolls underneath the Rosslyn chapel in Scotland. Which is not really a religious chapel but a Templar chapel. To make sure that in the future they will be rediscovered they formed freemasonary using rituals and words to pass down the information.

In 1717 the Freemasons changed their rituals as such to stop the church being able to call them heretics. A lot of the information got lost untill it was discovered by Mason historians in the turn of the century.

Obviously this is just the basic line of the book. It goes into great detail about the Turin shround, Tarot decks (look at the high priestess she is next to Boaz and Jachin pillars!) and history.

What are people's opinions on this?

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I think I need to read the books before I can give an intelligent opinion......but you've gotten my attention.

I'll have to check out Knight and Lomas' books.

I've wondered about the origins of the Freemasons and Knights Templar since reading a modern fantasy/mystery seroes (4 books that I know of) by Katherine Kurtz..the Adept series. It's been a while since I read them, though.

Hmm...rambling...that's what happens when I get little sleep.

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I've always been interested in the Knights Templar.
Especially the rumours that they still exist today

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From what the book says, and from knowing people...
The Knights Templar are in the form of Freemasons now. Although there is a freemason degree which is called the Knights Templar which some people get confused and think they exist as a different sect from the Freemasons.

Although i dont know if that is 100% true. Although it is said the Rex Deus are still around.


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My Grandpa is a freemason and he's pretty willing to talk to me about it.

what you've just said sounds pretty much the same as what you said, although he's mostly just in it for the charity, not the anchient scrolls!

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ive read dozens of these books over the years - plus a few years of history & philiosphy of science courses at uni, and find them fascinating.

although after a while all these 'new' books start echoing the same ideas that have been put forwards hundreds of times before.

the most important this about history is to take nothing as hard fact - no matter how convincing it may be. ive read scientifically convincing accounts of multiple authors - following the usual linking of moses to jesus to templars, which completely contradict each other!
i dont know what to believe any more!
its very easy to read too much into historical events - and see connections that may or may not have existed.

but, for similar reading -
graham hancock writes excellently - his book 'fingerprints of the gods' was the book that got me into ancient history - though on that note i believed it to be hard fact as first, but as i read more saw that his conclusions are a tad grey.... regardless - compelling read.
looks at parallels between south american and egyptian history, inserts a few biblical references and stories etc - talks about the great flood and atlantis...then onto templars and freemasons.

keith laidler - the head of god - traced a cult of head worship from pharoah akhenaten & moses through to jesus, then ireland, south fracnce, and onto templars & freemason

chris knight & rob lomas other book - uriels machine - similar - more of a reference to ancient technical knowledge.

thats all i can think of at present - just keep an open mind, and remember that historians are often as biased as football supporter!

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will be back shortly to give you some history on rosslyn chapel, which i visited very recently for the second ime, and is famous for being ful of green man imagery(hence my interest...)

but now i is a busy rob


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