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Posted:I've been meaning to start a thread on this for a while. I first noticed something was wrong in March last year. 'Fresh' is a word we all used to associate with milk and bread in the morning, fresh fruit just picked etc...and now some media groups have twisted the word into the new word for 'new'.

Amid the Iraq war last year it was very apparent. There have been fresh bombings in...there have been fresh reports of...
Since when did the media take a word that we associate with being good and change it to describe something we consider bad? Keep an eye out for the word Fresh in your paper, on the news, and in what context it is used. It's all over the place, and I hate it.

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Posted:Im sure if you think hard enough you can think up some phrases which use the word fresh, which are both negative and have been in use since before any media such as depicted in your 1984 conspiracy was brain washing us with newspeak.


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Well, obviously I can't think hard enough, or maybe I just can't be bothered.

But then, I find it difficult to stop quoting Eddy Izzard when someone mentions the word 'fresh'.

Care to throw in some examples of pre-media use of a negative fresh?

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Posted:"The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"

That was bloody awful

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Posted:maybe that meant fresh as in horny? he was quite that.

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Posted:I guess what I meant is more or less uses of it in language then actual phrases, although one phrase does come to mind "fresh meat" not used in the context of selling meat at a grocery store.

An example of it that appears in a lot of literature is "the smell of fresh blood"