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Posted:Okay due to the fact that everyone loves helping others (or you all should) help me with my school work, and it's okay, it's fire orientated.

Care to comment on these following things?

1. where firetwirling originated

2. flashpoints of kerosene etc

3. kevlar

4. burn first aid

Anything is good help

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Posted:1. search. i know there are threads,many

2. i'll know tommorow if no one tells you before then, my info source is asleep

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Posted:Prod him with a q-tip till he's awake Kyrian


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Posted:Someone give NYC a kick....

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Posted:1. not really sure, but say "Staff spinning has long been an art form in many cultures, such as Polynesian Fire dances. Also known as deeblesticks, a great deal of the techniques evolved from martial art forms such as bo and jo stick, eskrima and aikido"
2. The site quotes the flashpoint of kero to be 43C
3.Kevlar homepage
4. don't get burnt.

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Posted:Aha thankya very muchly... i know im just lasy. but hey lazy is just my best trait.




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Posted:WHo wants to kick NYC ????????????????

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Posted:I seem to remember this coming up before and finding the flashpoint of parafin/kero was around 40, but that ignition temps were higher (about 65-70 degrees) but I cant remember which datasheet it was on... ...either way I cant find it now, so dont quote me...

Try this link for some good background on flashpoint definition and also ignition temperatures, which is different from the flashpoint (flashpoint is the point at which flamable vapours are given off and will burn, ignition temps are the temperature at which the fuel itself will ignite) as an example, the flashpoint of petrol is about -40 degrees, which is why its so volatile (and inflamable at ambient temps)
might give your work a bit more of a technical twist... the mean time I'll keep looking!


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