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Every movie i watch about teenagers and growing up the parents always say don't be like that and be this and be that. That is the reason for the kids to act like classic teens and rebel in the movies. I know it's not just in the movies though-some of my friends are like that also. I was just wondering, if parents today are so very open minded (my parents) what or why or how do kids rebel??!! I mean if parents expect their kids to rebel-the kids have nothing to rebel against.
everything is expected. My mom is always saying this is your rebelion, i know you're rebeling-i mean what do you say to that? no im not!!! Ok i guess i don't know what im getting at but it's kinda like that post about the clothes 10 yr' olds wear.

peace and love

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I think its mostly us (kids, teens ect.) trying what we want, and its just been pushed into peoples head that we must be rebelling. if we go take drugs, we're rebelling against authority. if we get good grades we're rebelling against rebellion. its a lose/lose situation here.

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My parents were old-school. They were thrilled at first. Here I was their nice white-picket fence son going to medical school. Their trophy.

Then I turned into their freak/raver/hippie, firespinner son going to medical school. And suddenly they're afraid to bring me out in public again and compliment me when I "behave well" in front of thier friends.

I dunno. At all times, I've wanted to go into medicine because I wanted to, and I could have cared less about what they thought about it. I guess they just figured that out. *shrug*

They'll deal with it. They think it's just a "phase" and that I'll "grow up." But they're not freaking out. They'll figure it out and wind up being happy that I'm a little rough around the edges.


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I have this theory that it doesn't matter what you do, your kids will turn out the opposite. e.g., if you're a hippy tree huggin' mum, who named your child Storm, say, then, my theory goes, Storm would turn out to be a corporate banker, or someone with more conservative ideals than her parents. Have a look at the baby boomers, they certainly rebelled against the conservativism of their parents generation, and the generation Nexters are rebelling against the free-wheeling philosophy of some of the boomers.

Hugh McKay, an Australian social commentator, has written some top stuff on generational differences if you're interested.

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As a generalization that might be true, but rebellion isn't a given.

When I asked my mom if she and my dad were disappointed that I started drinking (when I was nearly 21, mind), she replied, "No...we had just always wondered how we ended up with such a perfect child."

They like my firespinning because they're proud of anything I do well, especially when it's something out of the ordinary. I think perhaps I was just blessed with exceptionally open-minded parents...and inherited their easygoing natures.


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I think that a certain amount of rebellion is healthy because you can't spend your life hiding behind your mommy's apron strings or inside your daddy's pocketbook. You have to have some point in your life (at least I hope you do) where you branch out and try new things - see what fits for you as an individual. Sometimes it's listening to different music than what you grew up with. Sometimes its an experimental phase with drugs. Whatever. Basically at some point you have to get out of whatever "normal" routine you were brought up with and grow your own mind. That will happen whether your parents were super liberal or ultra conservative.

Its just human nature to have to walk in some uncharted teritory before you can find your way home again.

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I have turned into the kid that my parents warned me to stay away from when i was younger

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