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A Meerkat that eats chicken
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Hello I have been tryin' this for a while lying on my back but cant get the movement to look fluid with a rythem.
Can anyone else do this ??? If so is there a usefull tecneque that i can learn . smile

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are you doing it with bare feet?
if you are wearing gumboots, i really *really* recommend that you do it without stillettos.
you could have someone's eye out(!)
i likey yooo!

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DentrassiGOLD Member
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aye - me and a few other mates had a spontaneous feet spinning festival on a futon in a mates backyard.

it not too hard to do some basic staff spinning with it grasped between your big and second toes. play around with direction changes and foot changes.
i managed to do a couple of sole spins [like a palm spin] as well.

we also played around with some butterfly poi moves with our toes.

both poi and staff on your toes can hurt your muscles and tendons a bit tho. weavesmiley

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A Meerkat that eats chicken
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yep i have bare feet on display to everyone redface

just not very good at it i even put powder on my feet to help it spin that didnt work...mabey i should try painting latex on my feet for grip. ubbrollsmile ubbrollsmile ubbrollsmile

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I heard that Sage spins with her feet and is pretty damn good at it. Missed her doing it at flipside last year, hope to catch her doing it this year! Maybe she or someone she knows has some vid of her feet spinning prowess. There was also a thread in the video section of "missbernadettefootjuggling". If you do a search, im sure you will find it.

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Kapura MataaroHoP resident longboarder.
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i mentioned this thread to a non hop spinning friend of mine and we looked at the obvious master of foot object manipulation.....rodney mullen of course...being both longboarder/skaters as well we looked at it and you can do a few tricks... we've managed a 360 recovery, from between your feet (eg: in front of right foot, behind left foot, jump and kick it out from between your legs, put your arm down to grab the staff before it goes flying off...) yes, it will go AWOL if you let it, and we've got it on film..whatelse...umm...with a prac staff, we worked out you can casper, casper shuv-it...all sorts of stuff...but it ruins your staff... ubbloco biggrin ubbidea rolleyes

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you can do loads of tricks on your feet if you don't mind standing on one leg for quite a while...
helicopters and fishtails are not too hard to learn, i've been trying various mullen things like caspars (stand on one end of the staff, with your other foot hooked under the middle, lifting the staff off the ground), end swap, where you make the staff flip 180 and land back in a caspar, and 180 shuvits where the staff spins 180 parralel to the ground (mostly), but i can't find a way to start a caspar from a normal move- i have to drop it and then step on...
theres loads of pickups with your feet, depending on whether you want it to flick up in front or behind, spinning horizontal or vertical or not spinning at all, or even not flick up at all but go to the other foot.
If you can do handstands or cartwheels, start with one foot infront of the staff and one behind, and keep the staff between your legs as you go up... some interesting and potentially destructive things happen, but what shoud happen is the staff slides down one leg to your groin and then slides down the other leg as you right yourself, to finish as you started. I can do the first part, but the bash in the groin tends to cause the handstand to colapse, so further work is needed.


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Ah yes, you might want to talk to 2bags about spinning with feet. He can do it with poi, not sure about staff but probably.

Even if he hasn't tried it yet, I'm sure he'd appreciate the inspiration smile

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