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Posted:Hey, anyone out there know how to make a fire sculpture or where i can get info from? I never done this kinda thing before but seen it and been impressed. Want to do it for some friends having a (humanist/unorthodox) 'wedding' where there will be a lot of kids...
Nothing too flash or complex, but large(ish) and dramatic would be nice. Any info,(materials needed, danger zones, etc) however basic, gratefully received...
Cheers! x

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Posted:Hi manitou, this has been discussed before so I suggest doing a search for 'fire sculpture' and look through some old threads.

And good to see you're thinking of safety danger zones. Remember - a lot of sculptures invlove a metal skeleton which stays hot for a long time after the fire has gone out.


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Posted:You could take a look on the omnia website and mail Sic, he built a wickerman before(pretty nice one) and knows a thin or two.
The burning man website may be a good idea, but don't know if they handle wickerman stuff.

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