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Posted:I was spinning in my favorite twirling shirt the other day, it's ok the shirt wasn't that good. And it lit up, after a little think I found out why. You see, kero is flamaable, and has a nasty habit of getting in your clothes. If you don't wash your clothes they become flamable. To combat this wash the kero out. Stay safe people. He he!

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Posted:burning clothes is really annoying, but not as damaging really as burning one's hair (not that I've ever done that ;-) ) my advice wet your hair before spinnning and tie it if its long..
hmm..I should really follow my own advices really...

Gal xx


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Posted:Phuzzie - I'm confused, I have one set of jeans and a black waistcoat that I always wear when using kero, even when busking. Admittedly they really do reek of kero, but there's no way I would use them if they had even a wet splash of fuel still on them...

Kero tends to evaporate quickly, though unless you are storing your clothes and fuel together, there should be virutally no danger of residual kero actually being a fire hazard. This is in my own experience.

Is there something I'm missing here? I'd hop ethat no-one int he world would light up with even small amounts of fuel soaked into their clothes...sounds like a great way to get third degree burns to me...

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Posted:I too have a set of clothes that I spin in, and tho they reek of kero I have yet to have them catch on fire. I HAVE, however set my hair on fire (not on purpose). I can tell you this, make sure you have good friends around to put you out.



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Posted:Hmm lesson to be learnt here. Shouldn't you wash your clothes anyway?

I set my hair on fire as well horrifying experience and god it stinks.

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Posted:I'm still wearing the same spinning clothes I was when started with fire, and I haven't washed them yet (just can't bring myself to wash things that I KNOW are going to get dirty). After reading this thread, I thought I'd do a little field test...

I took the a lighter to various spots on the shirt to see if it would burst into flame, in the manner that kero soeaked articles do (as opposed to actually setting the shirt on fire). Welllll, I couldn't find one place where it would burst into flames before regularly catching. Same thing Charles & Kender mentioned.

Mind you, this doesn't mean there's NO danger, so still take good care of yourself, kids.


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Posted:I hit my hair with a newly lit wick and it didn't catch on fire... I do remember yelling

"Dad! Is my hair on fire?"
He of course, said yes and I had to stop spinning and then look in the mirror that was right in front of me... it wasn't. *grr's* lol


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Posted:set my hair on fire again today...darned neck wraps....the crowd loved it tho...i think i made more $ cuz of it.....



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Posted:phhh, its just hair, youll get it back.
As long as is out before it singes down to your scalp though

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Posted:I keep losing half my beard to overambitious backwrap to neckpinch combo's, never got the skin yet (lookin for a handy tree...)


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Posted:And remember, folks....STOP, DROP...ROLL.

-Mike )'(
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Posted:Um Nix? could i please have a short description of what a neckpinch is? Do you have to be Vulcan to do it?

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Posted:All joking aside, there are chemical things you have to understand when working with Kero. It WILL damage (read: weaken and dry out) most forms of clothing. Cotton especially. it may evaporate quickly, but repeated use of the clothing around kero (especially if you are splashing or dripping it on you) will make your clothes more flammable than the sunday post. Its best to wear poly or other synthetics (like those shirts made of woven plastic), or wear very little (please wear pants or shorts. please). I also know that there are some fire retardent chemicals you can spray on your clothing that will last through quite a few good washings (the same chemicals used to make infant clothing less flammable).

-is there nothing science wont fix?

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Posted:Bender that not a neckpinch... that I Valcan "sleeping" pinch... now I'm out of here... Scotty full power...

each day that goes by I sound more and more like a computer nerd... narf...

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Posted:LOOK OUT SOFACHROME 9!!! you'd better run, cause the powers that be (PELE) is about to bust down on yo ASS!

I think you shouldn't have told people to wear synthetics, we (ALL?) know that plastic clothing burns and sticks to skin, needs to be surgicaly removed to get it off your skin. Have you ever taken a plastic (anything) and set it on fire, you see how it melts and runs everywhere (80% of plastics are thermoplactic, as opposed to thermosetic) after it starts to melt, it sticks to your skin and burns you even more because it is sticking there. if you don't belive me we have some budding scientists on board you have flame test experiments on all the variouse types of common clothing. the flame tests reveal that.....

the best things to wear are Leather, Wool, and Cotton, in that order.

things to NEVER WEAR include....anything plastic, including synthetic clothing and "plastic weave shirts"

I tremble to think of what could happen if somebody got wrapped up while wearing synthetics...

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Posted:fuzzy was probably storing his cloths in a plastic bag or something?

and on more point, there are some fire protectant clothings called "nomex" and I belive it is a special kind of synthetic, but that BY NO MEANS allows you to wear any other synthetics...

and I wouldn't trust that "fire retardant spray" with my life...

Ok, nuff from me, can I get an Amen, Pele?, Charles?, Somebody, I need some backup, cause I ain't gona smack down anyharder than that.

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