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Posted:I've noticed from reading some of the threads in the introductions section, that a few people play RPGs, so I was wondering which ones people play.
I personally play Shadowrun with occasional bouts of Rolemaster
Anyone else willing to look like a nerd and post what they play?

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Posted:shadowrun, advanced d&d, schwarzes auge (german variant), warhammer (lives only), kult...uhm i think those are the ones i played...oh i forgot vampire...giggle how could i forget vampire;)

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Posted:once in a while I still play shadowrun and the TSR version of D&D.

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Posted:I used to play AD&D every weekend. Ah the memories. My characters name was "Blood stone" ( a harder version of the beaming Poi ) and I was a Magician. Also played a Sci-Fi one but can not remember the name of it.

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Posted:i play most World of Darkness RPGs (Vampire & Mage mostly)

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Posted:*D&D and AD&D for 18 years now. I absolutely adore a well done campaign of Ravenloft, not so fond of Forgotten Realms though.
*LARP Vampire, tabletop Vampire (Kindred and Dark Ages) for about 6 years, or so.
*Whipping Boy got me into Marvel, which is actually alot of fun.
*Tried Toon once, it was funny as all get out.
*I also like Sovereign Stone when we play tested it.
*I didn't like Coven or Star Wars. They were both too technically based to really get absorbed in the game play.

I don't get to play much anymore, but I have alot of fun on the odd time when I do.

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