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Got myself a ticket for the Firetoys Firegathering, anyone else going to this? Looks like it's gonna be a good event.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, check this link out:

Firetoys Firegathering


Firetoys Ltd. are putting on a community event for fire/circus fanatics this year for the first time.

Spend 3 days in a great location in the countryside listening to chilled out beats and world music and playing with circus and juggling props.

These are the main facilities we plan to provide at this years event:

- Indoor and outdoor performance areas.

- Fire points + stewards and basic Medical facilities

- Chai shop and Vegan food stall + BBQ area.

- Firetoys stall including large range of demo props

- Chill out areas and tipi's

- Lots of workshops, entertainers / musicians

- Manned car parking and camping space

- Flushing Toilets,running water and sinks (sorry no showers)

- A small number of pick ups from the 2 local train stations

- Prizes for the best shows/performances

Can't wait ! biggrin

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24 posts

I'm surprised at the lack of feedback I've received from this post. Is no one interested or what?

What's wrong with you all?


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There's already a post on this [Old link]

They've changed the dates and location from when it was first advertised though smile

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