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Hello, all you wonderful fire people.I'm hoping plenty of people will be able to add to this post.I'd like to compile a list of movies from which moves for poi and/or staff can be copied. This could mean a lot for those of us with few other pyros in our area. frownHere are some I know of so far. If you've seen or know of more, PLEASE add them here."Romeo Must Die" (Jet Li) - one scene near the end where he mimics rope dart forms with a fire hose - under-the-leg kicking moves, leg wraps, stylin' kicks."Shanghai Noon" (Jackie Chan) - one scene near the middle, also mimicking rope dart moves, this time with a horseshoe and a rope - leg wraps, foot wraps (check these out!), lots of body-rope interaction."Star Wars: The Phantom Menace" - the fight scene against Darth Maul near the end, great for staff fighting/ sword fighting choreography (Draevon et al.?) - flips, twirling moves, general fighting moves."The Art of Poi" (This site) - do I really need to explain this one? winkFilms I haven't checked out yet, but will: "The Shaolin Temple" (Jet Li) - apparently there's a rope dart master in this one, and other wushu weapons make appearances.Weapons training videos, available from various martial arts sites.Also, check out footage from martial arts weapons competitions. I'm planning on making a single poi with a very long kevlar rope or chain to copy the rope dart moves. I'm sure there are more staff videos out there.Thanks everyone! grin-Rick dr_gizmo@hotmail.com

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I've mentioned this one in anotehr post, but "Iron and Silk" with Mark Salzman. Chinese steel whip and double sword forms that translate easily to poi, staff forms as well. Since the Chinese weapons forms tend to be really flashy, there's a wealth of technique there that would look great on fire.Keith

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I know you've heard it from me before, but I'll say it again. There's tons of poi-related moves in yo-yo freestyles, and many of these can be downloaded for free online.Of course it is give and take in that some of them are large (like 30megs) and only a couple of moves might be of interest, but still they are generally very high quality so easy to see what's going on... If anyone is interested, let me know and I could try to make a list of the yo-yo videos with the most poi moves in them...If you're going to make one long poi, also keep in mind that it becomes very easy to do releases (where the poi starts to wrap around a body part like arm or leg, let go, and then re-catch the end as it whips around).Lastly, I think I saw some baton twirling instructional videos for sale online a while ago. As I remember they were somewhat expensive, but would probably be one of the better resources for staff moves. I'll see if I can track it down (actually the best thing would probably be footage from a baton twirling championships). Since I haven't seen any of the staff people online doing stuff like elbow rolls yet, and I know that is one of the "basics" in the baton stuff...

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didn't see this section (sorry!) before i'd writen the charlies angels thang - but its got some wicked fighting moves in it with metal chains that could be used for poi.... smile

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