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Posted:See current poll

Saw a program on TV the other night saying the eldest child is less likely to try different things or work "outside the square" to the same extreme as a younger child in the same family.
Something about the younger child trying to get attention away from the elder child.

Seems to run true in our family. I am the "Malcolm in the middle" wink with an elder brother and younger sister.
I enjoy the challenge of trying something different, not now for the attention but for the challenge of it and the Ice-Cream I get once achieved.
Do you think the TV program could be correct? Do you know what that program was called? (UK - BBC produced, curly black haired man (doctor?) with moustache presenter, funny, educational)

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Posted:There is some evidence that if you are male and have an older brother from the same mother, you are 3x more likely to be gay than if you are the oldest male child, even if one or both of you are both adoped away. It's thought to be some hormonal effect; something having to do with a male fetus occupying a womb that's already been occupied by another male fetus.

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Posted:Yay for Rouge and me! Only children! I'm the nerdy academic sort, with very little artstic flair. I like sports too, and I have to be active and doing something or i go insane.

But has anyone actually considered that maybe its not being a younger child that makes you do juggling/poi, but that if you do juggling/poi, you become a younger child? meditate

No, wait, scrap that, it makes no sense. ubbloco ubblol


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Posted:I'm the oldest and more outgoing than my sister. We are pretty similar though - she's just a little shyer and a lot more sensible than me!! Funny because my parents were stricter with me than with her... smile

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Posted:Nope, doesn't work for my family.
My eldest sister (12 years older) is the one who could care less about anything. She is really crafty and creative with her hands but too outspoken and outgoing to actually focus on anything.

My other sister (the middle one, at 10 years older) is beyond conservative to the point that she can't think outside the box, let alone step outside it.

And then there is me...outgoing and focussed. Perhaps the best of both worlds?

It doesn't work for Whipping Boy either. He is the eldest by 3 years and his brother is **very** shy and conservative while he is sometimes too outspoken.

Two strikes here as well.

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Posted:Accutally it's very strange as well cause im the oldest one in my family and all of them are just normal people .

Apprently im the most outspoken , creative unusal etc .

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Parents often seem to have a 'thats nice dear' attitude towards the older kids cos they think they're old enough to look after themselfs and the younger ones need more care and attention resulting in the youngest being most spoilt and dependant on parents and the eldest being most indepenfant and free thinking,

pretty much my situation only add squashed and smothered and gasping to be free to the younger child list and you got me!

My dad vents about me reading "crude websites" i.e. HoP cos people swear! omg!

whereas my brothers been a dope addict for.... 4 years now and the most he got was "stop doing the drugs" as an aside whisper from me mam

wheres the justice!

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the eldest child is less likely to try different things or work "outside the square" to the same extreme as a younger child in the same family.

I'm really not sure. To cut a very long story short, here is a summary of my siblings.

From my mother's first marriage...

Eldest sister: early 40s, married with 2 kids.

Sister 2: also early 40s, BA in English and French, comedy director/producer/writer, single with no kids.

From my mother's second marriage...

Sister 3: late 30s, Autistic Spectrum Disorder specialist, married with two kids.

Eldest brother: late 30s, Independent Financial Advisor, unmarried but living with girlfriend, her son from a previous marriage and their son.

From my father's first marriage...

Sister 4: late 30s, bank manager, married with one kid.

Then there's me...well, you know me biggrin Born in my mother's third marriage, the second for my father.

Youngest brother: 17, web designer, unmarried as yet.

My eldest sister is unemployed by choice, as she prefers to keep the house at present, but she has by no means had a dull life.

I would say my second sister has been the "go-getter" in our family as you can see, but I also feel that she wouldn't have achieved so much if she'd married and had kids. That's not to say either of those choices would prevent everyone from achievement though. smile

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Posted:I'm the middle child...

I think we're all quite creative, my younger brother is more like my dad than I like to admit and my sister and I are quite like our mum, though I wouldn't admit to that either, as much as I love her.

I don't think the theory works for creativity, we're all pretty creative.. Plus, how do you scale creativeness?

I think we're even, we just express our creativity (if you can call it that) in different ways like everyone.... hmm....

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confusedhmm, really I think these theories are to general to be put to use but they provoke thought and can bring about interesting discussions ubbrollsmile

I think that happens for every theory, there will always be oddballs.

I think maybe the only theory that works to a big degree would be something along the lines of everyone's unique and so allocating a theory to a population is stupid.


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