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As a lot of you are probably aware I'm also part of another world wide community, the Volkswagen scene. Being the entusiasts we are we have a local club and meet up once fornightly to talk crap and be very boring about our cars.

Since 1999 we've held an annual show with a few other clubs called MAC(H) and this year it's mac(h)5 . It has been growing year on year and if my memory serves me rightly (which would make a nice change) we had around 4000 visitors last year! We're expecting a lot more this time round as we have decided to move the location of the show enabling us to change from being just a day show to a weekend long show with camping and live music at night etc.

As I bore most folks at our regular club meetings with my poi talk and none of them are spinners we've had the idea of putting on a small fire show as part of the entertainment bill. Would anyone be interested in helping out with a performance? Unfortunately we can't really afford to pay lots of (if any) money but can offer free tickets etc and maybe a little cash to cover any costs incurred such as transport costs & kero costs etc. As well and try to help with any other requirements as much as possible as they may arise.

The folks are a really friendly bunch and just like the poi community we love to make new friends and share our times with each other over a few jars. Folks from 8 -> 80 attend and all get on like a house on fire! smile

It'd be really great if we could put a cool show on, I've only ever seen one show, Chimera in Bristol, and that was great so if someone with experience could help it'd make a massive difference. It doesn't have to be a full on "story extravaganza" type show but a little choreography along to some music for 20 mins or whatever would be brilliant. If folk can't make it but can offer some advice I'd really appreciate it hug Should this end up being me performing by myself I need all the advice I can get!

Ultimately I'd like the show to be staff, poi and some juggling etc, with fire and glow stuff to keep everyone entertained.

The show happens on the weekend of 21st-22nd August (weekend before Reading fest) in Shrewsbury, Shropshire I'll be there from Friday till Sunday evening and the fire show will be a once only performance on the Saturday evening.

Thanks in advance for any help guys grouphug

p.s. please excuse the shows website, I'm not impressed either and have been regularly telling off the folk who created it but they are still yet to improve the info on there! rolleyes spank

Let's relight this forum ubblove

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