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Member Since: 29th Apr 2002
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Posted:Hi there just contemplating doing a bit of busking / performing and was wondering if any one had any suggestions for Audience participation. I use fire staff (both double and single) Glow staff (both double and single) and just started using poi (fire and glow). Any tips or suggestions would be great. Thanks.


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Posted:Just some advice... Don't burn them... spray fuel on them... always wipe front to back... And don't forget to put a hat down, that's a mistake I'll never forget about...

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Posted:I hesitate to suggest this, because I'm not sure how it would work in a busking situation, but in a more controlled environment, it can be fun to take wide-eyed civilians and reach around them doing a butterfly (with them facing forward, not facing you).

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Posted:quote: it can be fun to take wide-eyed civilians and reach around them doing a butterfly I tried this with my white uv reactive comets at headcharge, a night club. It prooved very popular. wouldn't like to do it with anything else though....


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Posted:Did that butterfly thing once. Afterwards the 'victim' stood there muttering "Oh my god" for about 5 minutes

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Posted:mmmmmm headcharge not been to 1 of them in a while now

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Posted:someone introduced me to that today, except with the chase instead of butterfly. it works wiith normal poi, but i dont know about fire...

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Posted:If your sparks land in your fuel source, try not to panic and punt it towards the crowd. (note: didn't find this out through personal experience, my juggling friends saw it happen at a big gathering once)

And tha butterfly thing would be nifty, now who shall be my victum...hmmmmm

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Posted:I'd laugh my f*cking ass off to see someone do that butterfly trick and accidently pop some poor guy in the nuts.

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