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Posted:has any one every heard of theres or how to make them. i have looked around in a few sites but i cant find anything on them. is there such a thing even. does anyone have any ideas on them or how i can make some.

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Posted:Your a very lucky guy...

E-mail Bec, she is able to make just such things,and she is as sweet as candy as well... (you better cough up the money for me to be saying such things Bec!!!)... anywho...



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Posted:I made a pair of fire wings for a performer once. He wore them as he flew across a large hanger (strapped to a pulley riding on a sloping, taut wire rope that went from one corner of the hanger to the diagonally opposite corner. He had a foot control that would flap the wings.

The wings were framed of 3/16 steel rod, with 1/8 steel "feather" lines. Glass refractory rope was wired on the frame to hold the fuel. A 1x1/8 flatbar "backpack" harness held the wing hinges and was secured to him with nylon webbing with a quick release buckle.

A sheet aluminum fire wall was fitted between the wings and the back harness.

I made the wings for $150 and they lasted through the life of the show with no problems. They were easy to make, but you need welding equipment.



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Posted:Eek. A bear!

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