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Posted:ok, sorry if this has been discussed $h1tloads, but i did a search and couldn't find what i wanted so there. tongue

i want to make a good staff for contact, but i don't want to light it so i don't want to spend loads of money on wick i won't use, so what to i use to weight the ends?

or am i being unbelievably STUPID? ooooops

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Posted:Um, how about towel or denim? Nice and cheap and soft. Resembled kevlar in many ways so if you decide to do fire contact at any point you won't have to relearn. But don't take it from me, I'm not really much of a staffer.



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Posted:if its a wooden staff then just some extra padding inside your wick... or just lots of wick.

if its metal then put some dowel in the end...

whatever it is tho you should get used to it pretty quickly, cause anything with any weighting can be used for contact... think of baton twirlers wink

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