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MikeGinnyGOLD Member
HOP Mad Doctor
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Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

Ok, it had to be done, so I am doing it.


*You have set fire to your clothes more than three times in your life.

*(Men only) you have hit yourself hard in the nads at least five times in one day.

*You are no longer bothered by the puzzled look on the cashier's face as she rings you up for three cans of white gas and a pack of bic lighters.

*You always have a lighter on you, even though you don't smoke.

*Your idea of a good time is to spend a night making strangers stop and stare at you.

Any others?


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the screeming flaming dudeYes, as a matter of fact, i do use fire poi. Why do you ask?
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Tao StarPooh-Bah
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Location: Bristol

you are on fire and

a. you haven't noticed
b. you don't think it's at all odd

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you've tried tying your fire poi to your helmet, and using that for a light at night



are you sure we are talking about the same helmets?

MiGGOLD Member
Self-Flagellation Expert
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Location: Bogged at CG, Australia

umm, i assume so. a bike helmet, that is worn on the head.

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pounceSILVER Member
All the neurotic makings of America's lesser known sweetheart
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Location: body in Las Vegas, heart all around the world, USA

yes i was serious biggrin


*you catch your hair on fire and don't care anymore
*you wake up from only 3 hours of sleep after a rave, during which you spun poi the entire time, and decide to practice while everyone else is alseep cause you can't fall back asleep
*you consider leaving your career (of which you've spent years and loads of money on) to try and spin full-time

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Christian Death Metal Anyone?
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Your hairdresser gets stunned at the burnt ends of your hair.

Shin: a device for finding furniture in the dark.

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Your Face!
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Location: el paso, tx, USA

You find the smell of burnt hair and kero a turn on!

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Mint SauceBRONZE Member
1,453 posts
Location: Lancs England

Im loving this thred i wand a compiled list just to show my friends im not the only one who thinks this kinde of behavior is normal ubbloco ubbloco ubbloco

before i met those lot i thought they'd be a bunch of dreadlocked hippies that smoked, set things on fire ,and drank a lot of tea but then when i met them....oh wait (PyroWill)

1 post

LOL iv been lurking for a bit now but this is first post that has made me reply LOL

natBRONZE Member
45 posts
Location: manchester, United Kingdom

Written by: Tao Star

you are on fire and

a. you haven't noticed
b. you don't think it's at all odd

ha ha ha, my freinds are used to this fact now, they just casualy say "oh nat, your on fire" and carry on with what there doing! biggrin ubbloco

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Mags The JediGOLD Member
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Location: Cornwall, UK

1) All the trousers you own have burn marks.

2) You have a variety of nifty looking scars on your arms

3) You can't see small dogs on leads without considering "Dog poi"

4) Scaffolding on buildings just gives you ideas.

5) All the police officers in a town know you by name - or at least "You're that kid who plays with fire."


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fNiGOLD Member
master of disaster
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Location: New York, USA

you've considered cat poi....all the way up to finding a chicken wire replica of a cat and thinking....mmm wire wool cat poi.....

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kitemanFlying high!
245 posts
Location: At the beach.

Written by: Mags The Jedi

3) You can't see small dogs on leads without considering "Dog poi"

lolsign I think you could be onto something there. biggrin

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KatchGOLD Member
Beach bum
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Location: Singapore

You don't feel too strangely about walking through a mall carrying 10 liters of fuel....

Or you don't think there's anything unusual anymore about the smell of kero on clothes and stuff.

There's always a small fire extinguisher in your bag...

Every time you see fire-fighters, you think about how you can wangle a bit of old fire hose to make wicks from.


Experience is that marvelous thing that enables you to recognize a mistake when you make it again.
-Franklin P. Jones

nativeSILVER Member
sleeping with angels
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Location: anaheim CA usa

if you have ever let your non fire friend try your stuff then laughed your head off as they try to put them self out

if you can rember the a story for every burn scare on your body


kermitoverlord and maggot king
171 posts
Location: heathmont, victoria, australia

youve received 2nd and 3rd degree burns in science thru a bunsen burner accident, then used your scorched school shirt to twirl with

welcome back to kermits mad land.

wont you join my teaparty.

crowley2BRONZE Member
official hop cutie
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Location: Uk, Essex, Clacton

youve got out ur poi out and started spinning in the airport terminal
i actuallly did this weavesmiley

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YakumoSILVER Member
1,237 posts
Location: Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

I'd never thought of dog poi before, but then saw a woman with some dog toy on the end of a rope, her little terrier grabbed onto the toy, and she swing the little fella round and round, every time he got of he chased her round wanting to play again, he loved it smile

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crowley2BRONZE Member
official hop cutie
272 posts
Location: Uk, Essex, Clacton

You dream of spinning and wake up and find theres a pair of poi in ur hands

The trouble with having an open mind, of course, is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it. ~ Terry pratchett

starmelloBRONZE Member
13 posts
Location: United Kingdom

you piss your friends off because all you can talk about on a night out is getting home to spin poi some more...

drofkcahSILVER Member
80 posts
Location: Derby UK

You get a load of random people in a club come up to you asking you to teach them/tell you your really good, but you can only do a few things (3 beat, 3 beat behind the head, butterfly, buzz saw, and a couple of arm wraps and turns).

You convert a load of friends to poi (including the DJ at the student night at a Heavy Metal Club)

Your the reason the police pay a visit to said DJ's party

When you have spent over an hour on this thread instead of woking on an assignment - oops

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Neon_ShaolinGOLD Member
hehe, 'Member' huhuh
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Location: Behind you. With Jam

You use up all your holiday time at work to go visit other spinners around the country.

Your non-spinny friends start complaining they never see you anymore...

You gaffer-tape the lampshade to the ceiling...

You unscrew the lightbulb because the gaffertape peels off because it's too heavy with the lightbulb in...

You realise your bank account is drained far quicker than in your pre-spinning days...

You pick your new music due to its suitability for spinning.

You start downloading music you've heard used in spinning videos.

You revisit old songs you've not listened to for a long time due to its suitability for spinning.

You have to ask the bouncers at a nightclub in advance if you can take your staffs into the nightclub because you are jumping on a train/bus to visit other spinners across the country after you leave the club.

You dance you unconsciously start dancing with your arms in poi/doubles positions.

You use your shoes when you are caught short without poi...

You no longer enjoy dancing because you'd prefer to spin.

You start hating a nightclub because they've banned poi.

SNES no longer means 'Super Nintendo Entertainment System'

You start scounting round for indoor practice space. Even to the point of hiring out a dancestudio/dojo because it's too bloody wet/freezing outside and not enough room inside...

You start visiting DIY Stores and buying power tools even if you've never had any interest in home furnishings or have even put up a shelf in your life...

You look at fairground rides and say 'That's an antispin ride'

You start 'isolating' EVERYTHING you get your hands on... Including parts of other people's anatomy.

You know what 'ping/pong' is even if you don't partake in the green...

You start hankering for the green after you've given up because you realise you spin better whilst on it...

You're a redblooded heterosexual male who will think nothing of downloading and gawping at videos of sweaty topless men...

"I used to want to change the world, now I just wanna leave the room with a little dignity..." - Lotus Weinstock

acidchildBRONZE Member
117 posts
Location: USA

You purchase a vheicle bassed only on weather your staffs will fit in the trunk.

Your friends consider you a bigger pyromaniac than the kid who set a pic n save on fire, and the one who burns his yard once a year. ( and I am)

The aformentioned kids call you crazy.

You quit spinning glowsticks because poi are eaiser.

Your friends smell any container of clear liquid found in your room before drinking from it.

you've been on fire so many times it's lost it's shock value ubbcrying

You've been challenged to a staff fight by a friend only to have him drop the staff at your feet when he realises you not tnly now what your doing but are good at it.

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HealthyTouchProBRONZE Member
18 posts
Location: Chicago, Il., USA

 Written by: Doc Lightning

I came up with one more:

*You are easily distracted by any quickly moving bright, shiny, or blinky thing.

LOL, seriously wiping tears out of my eye's. redface

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bluecatgeek, level 1
5,300 posts
Location: everywhere

 Written by: Dunc

You know what chemical a coloured flame burns from

please! haven't you SEEN the hop help board?

Holistic Spinner (I hope)

-sandy-BRONZE Member
old hand
716 posts
Location: Bristol, United Kingdom

You install a mirror wall in your front room and clear out all the furniture for practice space.

You buy a tv licence then never use it because spinning is better than the crap they put on these days (hmmm that makes me sound a lot older than i really am)

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mcpPLATINUM Member
Flying Water Muppet
5,276 posts
Location: Edin-borrow., United Kingdom

You consider a new flat 'good' if it has:

1) other spinners in it
2) a room dedicated to practise / juggling
3) it's close to parks / juggling clubs.

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"the still legendary" - Kaskade

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monseratSILVER Member
My flabber is gasted
737 posts
Location: waaaay south of heaven, United Kingdom

you start looking at christmas decorations for their spinning suitability rather than any aesthetic appeal

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DurbsBRONZE Member
Classically British
5,688 posts
Location: Epsom, Surrey, England

You're very likely to be fired from work for internet abuse for spending any and all your time at work looking at HoP, Spherculism and any other spinny sites you frequent...

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Spinner of poi
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strugzBRONZE Member
Carpal \'Tunnel
3,964 posts
Location: Southampton - Possibly..., United Kingdom

People tell you your car / van stinks of fuel, but you dont really notice it biggrin


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