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you lucky people


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Posted:Heh People
If you or anyone ya know, wasnt lucky enough to get their tickets - I may just be the answer to your prayers!!
I have 2 spare!! - Yep thats right
And if you are quick they may be your's to Love until late June!!
Give me an email ASAP as your names need to go the forms, so they go on the tickets - and you get in no worries!!!
You can give me kiss latter
Good luck to ya

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Posted:Havent you already posted this?

We really only need one copy of this and it should be *checks the Glastonbury thread*... oh.. youve done there as well have you?

Could you please delete 2 of them seeing as tehy do all say exactly the same thing...

*Wishes he was a Mod.
Then realises that it would be a bad idea.*


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