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Hi all!

Sam, Katinca and I are proud to bring you the next installment of Doof at the

The Venue is easy to find. In Elder Park in front of the Festival Centre
there is a bandstand/rotunda. Therein you will find doof provided by DJs
playing from about 8.30pm until late.

Pa will be Mackie Active provided by Ant Williams.

Visuals provided by numerous fire dancers.

Decor will be Uv artworks, provided by us.



Live Act


We would really appreciate it if everyone who comes could please contribute
$5 towards the cost of hiring the PA. There will be an obvious donation tin
in front of the DJ. We'd like to make this a regular event - so please show
your support.

Cant wait to see all the happy faces Doofing it up in the centre of the city
next friday! Spread the word!


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Sounds awesome ubbtickled... and I would come along if I were in Adedaide smile Have an amazing night! biggrin

* day all the fairy fridges will be aligned and my pixie world will be complete...:*

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*looks up flight costs from Singapore*
*checks bank balance*


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