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Posted: Fuond this on sphereculism but thought you guys would enjoy it.

press me to find out

Mine came out as

Brief summary of your name: Duncan

Your first name of Duncan has given you creative ability, imagination along practical lines, and the patience to pay attention to detail for a while. Although you are attracted to technical, mechanical, scientific fields, you lack the patience to follow through with this interest. This name gives a certain amount of practicality to your thinking; but there is also a tendency to scatter your efforts for, although you want system and order and stability in your life, you are too apt to be distracted from the job you are doing and to become involved in spontaneous interests.

I usually think these sort of things are generalised crap for the masses but if it had added that "I'm a flake who smokes too much gange and with artistic tendancies who's going bald" and I'd have reckoned they already knew me!

Funnily enough I put Custom into the search engine and the page goes crazy and starts displaying code everywhere! ubblol

Let's relight this forum ubblove

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Posted:Dont tell me you guys believe that kind of things........ ubbloco

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Posted:yeah, Vance isn't in their data base either. Sure it has Rhys and step and mech and mig of all things, but does it have Vance or Alexia??? NOOOO!


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Posted:It appears to be a tad messed up at the moment. It now says Heidi doesn't exist in the database either, but when I first looked at it at least a week ago, it knew both Heidi and Vance....


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Posted:Like I said, it's bull...try entering your name a few times, it will give you a different answer every time. wink

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Posted:answer to the original question, no course it doesn't. there was a girl in my class with the same name as me (funny man as my name is not very common) back to the point we were SO different. if your name makes you who we are we would have been the same.

Who decided to define names anyway? do u think that the studied 100 of people with the same name before reaching there amazingly generalised conclusions.

and there ends my first rant of the day!

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