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Posted:It seems almost inevitable that whenever I spin glowsticks in a club, someone will come over and ask to have a go, and then say "So what do I do then?". I have absolutely nothing against letting people play, but they expect to be able to spin competently in 5 minutes! I'm not great at teaching people at the best of times, I seem to have great trouble articulating how I do moves; "just sort of move your hands like this" is about the best I can usually come up with. So what should I do with these people? I don't want to say "no, I can't teach you anything, go away", so I usually let them play, and then feel a bit shitty because I can't really help them at all.


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Posted:i get that all the time too. i usualy let them have a go and say: "it takes a lot of practice. "

the people i really hate are the ones who know one move - and its usuallly the butterfly- and they take ur poi off u and proceed to do a butterfly at a stupid speed, with no regard for anyone or anything around them. they seem to think that just because their doing it stupid fast, it excuses killing three innocent bystanders and taking down the light fixings. it also means that everyone around u is then pissed off at the site of glowsticks on a bit of string, and u end up feeling like ur going to get lynched.

but, they do make u look better when u finaly get ur glowsticks off them..........

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Posted:I ususally carry a spare set of poi, usually my practice UV ones that i lend out if anyone that "honestly" wants to learn.




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Posted:Teaching poi is so much fun !!! I too carry a spare set of practice poi everywhere I go.

I taught so many people last summer, even when I had no common language with them.
I must say that teaching the first few moves (forward spin, figure 8, butterfly, corckscrew) can be done within about an hour or two... maybe not perfectly, but they can get the idea.
I would say spinning with a few moves is rather fast and easy, it is mastering the technique and actually dancing with the poi that can take a lot longer...

just my opinion

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Posted:This is what you should do:

First, raise your arms above your head to make yourself appear larger, then start jumping about erraticly making loud grunts and growls. Then start swinging your arms and make sudden agressive movements. This will confuse the other person long enough for you make a smooth getaway.

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