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Posted:ok, so i was practicing my anti-apin flowers with airwraps, and realised it made tangles happen much quicker, within 1/2 a beat instead of 1. so now maybe we can repeat tangle with only a little gap inbetween?

I think ritchee has mentioned this, and i remember in a vid there was one (the early hyperloop mpeg).

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anti-spin does make tangles twice as fast, but i don't see how that could make the "untangle to tangle" time any quicker

the "fast untangle > tangle" you're talking about is the thing where you swap your hands over before the poi complete half a rotation isn't it?

Moving them in that straight line is quicker than tracing a half circle to the same point, which is what you'd be doing if you tried to do the same by continuing to 'spin' or 'ant-spin' the hands.

Although, theoretically, you could tangle again before 180 degrees.
Yeah, you could tangle at any point in the circle after untangling! i think...
But you'd need really fast hands to do it faster than half a beat. Or really slow poi. Or both. Oh, and the force. You'd definitely need the force smile

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Posted:I don't go much for this whole anti spin thing... but.. I do know that you can retanlge after untangling faster then half beats.. its all in how you catch the string... I tried explaining this in when I talked about jumping the tanlge.. but too many people got caught up on the jumping part.. its figurative.. referiring to the optical illusion created when the poi untangle at the one point on the string but begin retangling at a point further down the string.. thus making the tanlge not move slowly down the string but rather jump from one point to the next as it untanlges at one spot and retangles at the other....

its like the monkey said.. you can tanlge at any point in the circle.. its all about how you line things up.. for me it helps to start with a horizontal hand position and turn to a vertical hand position ... I also find it helps keeping the poi as flat as possible.. by that I mean really small gap between the hands.. which translates to having the handls moved closer to a parallel position (from handle too handle) with the poi (from poi head to poi head)

if that makes any sense to ya.. something else to feed your thought..

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