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Hey there peoples! Bored and with nothing better to do so:Quote (can't remember where I heard it (if it was here I apologise)):"So, computer games have an affect on the youth, do they? If that's true, then take a look at our generation. If Pac-man affected us as kids, then we'd all be sitting in darkened rooms, listening to repetative music, and munching loads of pills......erm..."And secondly, a friend of mine said something about this site. He said that all the people that post here are the poi-nerds of the world! Now, that can't be true, can it? Are we all really pathetic people with nothing better to do with our time than leave messages for people we've never met?.....Hold on, how did I start this post again? winkHappy (drunkenly rambling) Swinging,Tim /|\

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hey Timmy... us 2 are the living proof that we don't leave messages for people we never met! grin emmmm i know one thing; i don't care if there are people who think i am a 'poi-nerd'; i have a much different perspective about the internet and information sharing...and if it wasn't for the above and this web-site i would be still trying to figure out how these chains with fire at their ends are called!!! grinhappy swinging,Simos

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Poi??whats that?

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speaking about poi-nerds,
here is a link to the free prequel to the illustrious space quest series!
Space Quest 0: Replicated
It was produced by Virtual Broomcloset
yayness for retro gaming!

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globaly community n all that making the world smaller etc etc but i mean really if u want to be the best you have to learn from the best and well hey this way it saves u expensive trips to learn from them.

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HoP is a fabulous way to spinners to get to know one another, to learn (I need all the help I can get)... doesn't make us nerds!



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whats wrong with being a nerd???

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