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Posted:I met Robert Heart, the man all of you love SO much. I went to a juggling gathering of about 200 people last night, Isla Vista Juggling Festival at UCSB in California. I was spinning poi, doing throws and such, and a man came up to me. He seemed very nice, we talked about solutions to poi handles instead of finger loops for throws and what not. I asked him what his name was, and he said "Robert". "Robert Heart?" "Yeah, how'd you know?" "Heard a lot about you."

I know you've all had a bad experience with him, but he was quite fine around me. Yeah, a bit full of himself and a bit pompous, and his staves were junk, but he seemed like an alright guy.

I'm off to go to the festival again - tis 3 days long, and SO much fun! Supposedly Robert is performing tonight. He has an LED fire staff eek

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Posted:It does seem like a lot of people here are putting a lot of energy into making somebody look like [censored] though.




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Posted:I will agree that robert heart has a very good teaching style. It's just like gym class he runs thorough a specific set of excersies that are designed to get you into the rhythm of spinning. This is a good thing about robert heart and I'm sure there are many others.

I feel vaugely responsible for turning the man into an internet pariah. The things he said about my friends don't sit with me very well and there are certain aspects of him I find grating.

He is however a human being and if he ever reads this I respect that. and deserves no less respect than anyone else even if he is a jerk.

I think it's time to let the topic die now we all know about him and if you haven't met him then don't worry.





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Posted:Hey Approving Ninja, you wanna tell us again how you got your screen name? I forgot.


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On a related but not identical note...

Can I just create a website advertizing myself with lies? I mean, can I create an "NYC" website and say that I have the largest fire staff in the world even though I don't? Can I say I have a spotless saftey record despite chucking portions of staff into the audience?

I know I often smear my threads with sarcasm but I'm being serious here. What's to stop someone (in this case a fire performer) from writing blatant lies on the internet? Or is life on the internet governed solely by "Let the buyer beware"?

And a follow up question... are the rules for fire performers different? I mean if I sold a pill that claimed to cure cancer over the internet but based in the US, I actually think that the US government would shut me down. Can I make smaller lies if I'm a fireperformer since we are relatively unregulated?

I'm not just causin' trouble here. I'm sincerely asking.

Unfortunately, you can. And I see it ***all*** the time with other performers. Everywhere you look (especially with sideshow, circus and object manipulators) someone is claiming to be the "World's Best", "World's First", "World's Greatest" and "World's Only". Thanks to P.T.Barnum this hype is entirely too common.

The only time it ends is when a person is called out on it and/or sued for false advertising. Or when Ripley's and Guiness follow through, and even they have been proven to have frauds and liars (especially Ripley).

All we can do is get out there and prove 'em wrong...or let someone else, or sit and watch as they can't deliver on their promises.

(Though I do know a few that can.)

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Hey aproving ninja why don't you tell us how you got your Screen name , I forgot

Hehehe wink

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Originally posted by The Approving Ninja
He is however a human being and if he ever reads this I respect that.

So... you respect the fact that he's a human... or that he may be able to read??? rolleyes tongue spank

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