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and forgive me if i can;t spell....

Ok, well, i've been a lonely little self-taught twirler and yesterday i went up to Amherst to hang out with some people and spin, it was lovely. We were sharing the commons with a festival for marijuana legalization... (silly me, i forgot it was 4/20...) but it was great fun anyhow. (minus trying not to hurt stoned hippees wandering into our paths.) There was a girl their with some comet poi so we got a big group going in the center of the commons with three pairs of comet poi and two pairs of practice poi and it was lovely. everyone actually stayed out of our way and all the bright colors looked pretty in the rain I was actually pretty shy about joining them, but they saw me with my practice poi and were friendly, so it was all good. Tails didn't trip me up too much, however their are some moves i think just work better w/o... hehe, oh well, i tied myself in a few knots too, but no one really cared.

I also had my practice staffs with me (after all, we're mostly just messing around in the back, except for the poi extravanganza with the pretty colors...) and everyone seemed to wnat me to teach them something... now if only i knew anything... eep. 'twas fun though, a few of teh jugglers messed around with them. The jugglers were cool, and they also did some stuff with nunchucks which looked nice and a handful of them played with poi, and altho i've seen better they were not half bad. There were also some girls that had devil sticks and were quite wicked with them, i havn't relly the patience to learn.... There was one guy there (he looked liek a 50yo candy raver..) who could kick all our asses with poi and staff, but he managed to hang out in the background alot. Fun to watch if you noticed him tho.

But the happiest part was when they brought out all of their firetoys:) One of the boys noticed me on the edge of the circle and asked if i wanted to spin... well, how could i say no? the fire poi they had were cable instead of chain, and about half the lenghth i'm used to, but after a few minutes i got them sorted out enough to do basic stuff. i have no liking for short (cable) though, let me tell you. so... i finally got to light up!!! yay!!!!! I'm sooo happy... I've been grinning all weekend... it was pretty funny really, i forgot everything when i got out there... there i was in the middle of a circle of stoned and tripping college students, and the only things i could remember were my butterfly, btb butterfly, and forward weave. lol oh well, i still had fun. I didn't know about the sound... it was so cool. I was so lost in my own little world, even though i kept hitting myself... i don't hit myself when i pratice, usually, but i got too nervous... it took like four tries to get a reverse weave going, then i had a turn or two, at least. I couldn't remember anything!! oh well, it was fire!!! ! yayness.

and my last comment, is that anyone who goes around poring white gas on their pants and then doing leg wraps with double wickd poi is insane. didn't catch on fire tho.

fire!!!!!!!!!!!! !

i'm happy

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Shalom VeAhavah

New Hampshire has a point....

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That rocks ! nice story
Really happy for you

shine on

PS : no messin' around with white gas sis' !!! be careful !!!

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Reminds me of a day I had about two weeks back. I started learning poi in december, so I've been cooped up all winter, learning in my cramped dorm room, smacking ceilings and walls and things on desks. I met someone in my town using the meet others section, and we arranged to go out when the weather got when we had this bright, beautiful day one day a few weeks ago, we went down to the lake to spin. Loads of people were there to study, and we caught the attention of a few of them. We each knew a different set of moves, and we taught each other some new tricks. It was a great time...just so nice to finally be outdoors, spinning in glorious weather, and to finally meet someone else who does poi.

Apparently that nice weather was just a tease, however, because presently it's snowing out. It's almost May for god's sake! What's with the bloody snow??

*thinks about nice weather*
*gets smacked back to reality*

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very nice kyrian!! congrats..i actuallly lit up for the first time on friday myself!! it was absolutely wonderful!! couldnt believe the sound or the way it looked...omg i wanna spin somemore!! FIRE FIRE FIRE!!! hehe

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hey kyrian!
looks like we both had a very nice saturday with the same stuff involved...
i had my first public performance on saturday!! nothing serious, just a bit of fire poi, fire eating, breathing and glasswalking (really just a bit of everything...)at something some scout friends organized, no money involved or anything, but it was my first performance! it was in front of children with their parents and i think both liked it very much, at least i got a lot of congrats later (even from parents!)...
i really understand your point of getting nervous, i couldn't remember much more than 6 or 7 moves, and i had no music, but i still think they liked it. another important thing is that the person who asked me to perform is a girl i quite like, so, what else could i ask for??
i was also with a big grin on my face the whole weekend, i could just think about spinning, nothing else, i think everybody i talked to got bored...
just sharing....

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Fire is addictive isn't it .... hehe !

And I love to hear from all of you wonderful to know other people are having a good time

it is soooo nice to actually get out and be with other spinners now and then... i mean, ur friends are all impressed and stuff, and i have a few people who ask to play with my poi, but that doesn't really matter so much to me, I want to learn! (and spin fiiiirrrree....) !

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Dreamin is still how the strong survive

Shalom VeAhavah

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I know how you feel kyrain!!
I first lit up friday before last and had a great time!!!
me and a friend went to the weekly twriling session and sat and watched for a bit, then finally i got the nerve to ask if i could have a play with this ladys poi... She let me without hesitation and then asked if i wanted to light them. Everyone around sarted cheering when i agreed and said id never lit p before and it was wonderful! I could see myself in the reflection of a window and was hypnotised by the beauty.. (of the poi, not me!!) also i could see what i was doing, unlike wih practice poi!
The lady who owned the poi asked me how long id been twirling for and when i said 2 weeks, her mouth dropped! I ended up teaching her a whole heap of moves!
It was so much fun i ended up there all night till they packed up, while my friends were up at the pub!!
Then i had to go home to my boring practice poi, which werent NEARLY as fun as fire! Its ok, i still love my pactice poi but now i feel the need for something more intence! the waiting has gone on long enough!!!!!!!!!!!!
I NEED FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i am an addict

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Fire... A bushmans telly

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I have yet to do fire chains myself. My girlfriend tried to encourage me to start the other week but I don't feel confident enough to try it yet. Looks kinda scary to me. Poi are still a creature I don't control so well.

But enough about me.

As I've already said in private, well done little sister, I'm proud of you.

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hey man that's a bewdiful story - remembering moments like your first flamed twirl is goosebumpy stuff! IMHO this is the true source of skill in firetwirling - the enthusiasm is the true driving force, as it compels you to practice more more more. I'm not rolling right now but it gives me a pseudo rush just thinking about all the exhiliration/hilarity of all those twirls! I treat these cool memories like a trinket that I pull outta my pocket to probe and smile about Not to sound like an obsessed twirler or nothing, but I daydream less about the sultry Margaret Thatcher (phwoar! woot!) and more about gettin' hands on with bobo (my staff) and hurty (my tri sectional bam bam stick) /drooool

/Hears Barry White music playing in his head...

Good onyas Kryrian! you've successfully transmitted your exploding enthusiasm as words around the world. *Boing!*

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