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Posted:I'm playing cello in this music competition next week where you play for judges and they give you a score, and I've been trying to figure out how I really feel about it. It seems to me that music shouldn't be about competition. I really enjoy playing for myself more. the same goes for things like band challenges- should music really be about being better than everyone else, rather than just personal expression, art and beauty? Any thoughts? umm

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Posted:i am an advocate for art for the sake of improving the human experience.

none of my art - my photography, my drawing, not even my software (if you don't consider c0ding an artform, you've never written command line perl expressions) - is ever as good when it's done for someone else. art should come not only from, but for, you.

but, i also believe in never wasting beauty. if you can create beauty in any sense, share it with the world, and the whole of humanity is improved.

so don't play for them, don't play for the score, play for yourself and share the music with the judges.

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Posted:You won't be saying that if you win wink biggrin

But yes I agree - Music (same as poi) isn't and shouldn't be a competition

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Posted:its like my art and spinning - i do it for me - not for the judges. sometimes though it is good to set goals for yourself in your chosen activity, and that performing well in a competition is a goal that will make you improve dramatically.

i played trumpet for 5 years - i never did any grades or solo competitions.

i played to improvise and stuff around, to play with crusty old jazz pianists who loved to mentor an enthusiastic beginner..

i played 'the last post' and 'revallie' for war veterans from WW1, WWII, etc, crystal clear, without missing a note, in front of over a thousand people. the veterans, old guys with kilos worth of medals on there chest - most over 80 years old, standing proudly ramrod straight - walking stick forgotten, with tears streaming down their faces for what they have seen.

what ever you do, be selfish. do it for yourself and for what makes you happy. as long as you are happy - you are doing the right thing.


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