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Puck Dallasmember
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Location: usa, Dallas, Tx

Ok so here it is. I am tired of dallas fire and poi people not really having any type of artist community or output. It's not healthy and needs to change. I plan to start some regular practices that are open to any one who is interested.There are no dues and no requirements. More than likely we will have some safety classes or basic education if and when needed. Personaly I just wana play and have a good time and be able to spend time with people of like minds.

1 no drama or bullshit. I won't put up with any if anyone in the group informs me. Those who do will be asked to leave and not come back because they are not obviuosly there to learn just to make themself look better at someones expense.
2 ego's will be checked at the door. I hate pompous people thinking they always know best. I have met many who don't have a clue or are just rude. How can you expand and create by limiting your capabilities.

I am working on permits and a location for us to be able to do fire or if someone has a good place to offer in the Dallas/ Ft. Worth area I am open for suggestions. All toys are allowed. For the moment all practices will be "dry". I would like a census of those who are interested so I may gather an email list to let you know when we get started. Here is my cell if you prefer to talk first. (214)7837458 Please don't call till after 9 or 10 pm or my minutes will more than likely go over or email

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