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Posted:came in from reno last night with waffle burns on my arms and somewhat the same thing on my face (just don't ask why i had waffle shaped metal surrounding flaming towels, it seemed like a good idea at the time)...

my parents saw me and started flipping out. i get worse injuries from making chainmaille, but they don't seem to understand.

any tips on getting them to chill a bit? /i/ know i'm gonna get burned more, but if i come home with anything else they'll never let me spin again...

i tried telling them that some kids burn themselves for attention, but i just do it for fun... they didn't seem to fall for it ;]

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Posted:sorry mate, my mom normally just laughed at me when I came home with burns. Then she told me it was my own fault.

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Posted:Hummm dont want to put a bit of a downer on this one but maybe you should get a bit better if you think you are going to burn yourself lots. Ive been spinning about a year and luckily only ever singed hair rolleyes (touch wood). I only do moves I feel totally confident with anything new I work on with my Practice Poi ubbangel. I'm not saying burns wont happen they do just not that regularly. ubbidea

On a secondary point what are using to spin with that get that hot that it burns on contact iv bounced of my face before and just singed my eye brows I use Kevlar wicks soaked in paraffin

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Posted:i use small badgers soaked in tar....




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Posted:My rents freaked when I started spinning fire. You just have to work out how to manipulate their minds. Tell them about safety procedures like having a wet towel with you at all times. And talk lots about having someone "spotting" to see if your clothes are on fire. It worked for mine, I even created emergency poi-ing buzz words. :-p
Do you spin when your drinkin? I try not too and I told them that I'm careful about it and such. Also let them see you spin and get them to help.
And yeh, be careful if your using Poi that burn your skin on contact! And also if you burn yourself that much. Try practising more with out fire before you try harder moves etc.
You can also try the normal trick of talking about something more scary before you ask to do what you want. So that what you want seems normal. E.g I know some who fire breaths but I don't think much of it. Its a lot more dangerous than spinning Poi. Or in other context: Can I have a car?................... Can I boro 10.

Good luck! Caz x



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Posted:Don't worry about mom, just don't spin with waffle shaped metal around towel.


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Posted:Ok, first off,
i use small badgers soaked in tar....


Now that I got that out..

I just came home with a burn the other night and had to explain it to my moms. I used someone else's home made Fire Eating baton to try body traces for the first time. Put the wick to my wrist and smeared it up my arm real quick and noticed that I had some black melted skin hehe. Anyway, she saw it was blistering and started flippin. But I just usually ignore her or say "yeah yeah" she shuts up heh.

That was the only time I got burned though so far. You should get real wicks like cathedrals that dont have metal on the outside. I can bare arm wrap my cathys with no - minimal burnage.

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Posted:Okay. It seems as though you'd like to be spinning with fire quite often. But your mother will be against you spinning fire at all if you come home with more burns. I think it would make a lot of sense to invest in some good kevlar wicks that don't need to be wrapped in burny metal. That way you'll have wicks that will give you a lot of use and won't cause mother-scaring burns.

On the burny metal topic, look out for tube wicks. They have bolts in em that will heat up and burn you if you do any wraps or if you hit yourself with em. I would recommend a cathedral or accodion fold or monkey fists.

Happy safe spinning! weavesmiley


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Posted:heh, i lit up for the first time night before last. my dad was right into it and helped me loads (i think the hardhat was a bit much though ubblol ) but my mum refused to even acknowledge i was doing it e.g. sitting in front room refusing to come and ignoring me when i started telling her how good it was. i think shes just waiting for me to get burned so she can say 'ha i told you so'
As for your parents, just tell them that you can't get seriously hurt if you have the right safety pracautions, and when you do mess up, the pracautions prevent them from being too serious.


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Posted:open communication is definitely good - so they know what you are doing.

perhaps showing them some of the printed out safely information - so they know the Fire Spinning community generally has a strong emphasis on safety.

also make them understand the relative harmlessness. you could be spinning fire, and have a few small burns, or you could be going out drinking, smoking cigarettes and dope, inhaling other substances, bashing people up, or getting yourself or others pregnant [or both depending on your anatomy].

so in the scheme of things, its really a pretty good thing to spin. ubbidea

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I feel you may be approaching this from the wrong perspective.

It's not about what you can say to your parents to get the to "chill". That's like your parents asking us what they can say to you to get you to stop firespinning! Same question, and one that doesn't have an answer.

It's not about convincing them with words, its about SHOWING THEM, multiple times, in a row, over a long period of time, that your are responsible, worthy of their trust, and that you know enough to ask for help should you get into trouble.

This is not soley about fire, but about your entire approach to life and the relationship you have with your parents. If that relationship is not one of trust, they will NEVER be happy about you spinning fire.

And, while it may seem rotten at the moment, it's not your parents job to see your point of view, it's up to you to show to them that you are sensible and trustworthy. This includes all things, your approach to school your friends, how much respect you show your parents (regardless of whether you feel at the time that they deserve any).

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You need to try to understand that burns are one of the major fears every parent has for their child. Most people's experience of fire is as something that destroys, maims and kills. This is a general social belief, and, more to the point, they are right!

Fire does destroy, maim and kill! don't for a second believe your hobby can't do the same to you, regardless of precautions!

Have a look at this article, and then try to see this is what your parents fear for you Burn Victims Move to Next Stage of Recovery

And coming home with minor burns and seeming non-plussed about it, is likley the worse thing you could do!

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As for your parents, just tell them that you can't get seriously hurt if you have the right safety pracautions, and when you do mess up, the pracautions prevent them from being too serious.

are you quite sure about that?


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