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Posted:does anyone know any other good sites for staff lessons?
HOP is the only one I know (firetwirlers doesn't work frown )
I know nearly any move here...
and don't tell me to purchase art of staff video as my parents are really mad at me for wasting too much money on juggling equipment. (I might purchase it after I make money selling glowsticks on independence day, which is 2.5 weeks from now.)

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Posted:if this doesn't sound too bad:


My site is alright for some random contact tutorials. Not much for the non-contact peoples but that might change if I ever remember the password.

[It even has sneaky mirrors of the firetwirler-made GIF's]
I have loads of new stuff, if only I could remember that password! Or even find some other hosting on the internet...


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Posted:g'day mate!
eric popsteric has taken the time to maketh an extensive fwirlage website list.
his thread be here
he even categorised em by content - note the educational bit!
ps i like yoo!! peace

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